7 Points for Employing WordPress Plugins

Nov 7


Taqi ahmed khan

Taqi ahmed khan

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A great CMS, WordPress is excellent in its features that reach with the wide variations of plugins. WordPress is good on its own, but the plugins lead to an easier life. With 25,000 WordPress plugins and more that are a plethora of options available online.


Just imagine the WordPress world without plugins! Your website can’t go without them the way you would expect.

Still,7 Points for Employing WordPress Plugins Articles as there exist various benefits of using plugins, there are some more things also that the users of WordPress should keep in mind. 

Today, we will be discussing 7 tips that a WordPress plugins user should know. Let’s start as below:

Keep Plugins Updated

The functionality and security of your blog depend only on keeping your plugins updated on a routine basis. Outdated plugins are more likely to catch hacks. You should assure always that all your WordPress plugins are updated. Occasionally, do check to acknowledge if a new version has been launched by the developers. 

A thumb rule should be adopted to maintain the safety of your website which states that the plugins that are kept outdated more than a year, should be removed. Such sorts of plugins may lead your site towards the risk of attack. 

Restrict Your Website’s Deactivated Plugins

The plugins with no calibre in meeting the needs can be harmful to your website. Hackers may attempt to exploit them according to which they may gain access through them to your site. It’s advisable to just cut-off all the plugins that are of no use right now. Don’t give shelter to the inactive plugins in the plan of using them in the near future. Delete them and make your WordPress resource free. 

There exist many hackers who exploit loopholes to attack various websites. You can restrict your revelation that inactive and unused plugins may act. Keep your website safe by keeping the useful plugins there on your website.

Seek for Plugins Only From Trusted Sources

A big mistake that many WordPress users make is they download the premium plugins and themes from unknown sources. There’s no issue is preferring premium plugins but, it’s imperative that you should go for reliable sources only. If you choose the unreliable spots for the sake of those fake cost-cutting corners then let you know that you are pushing your website towards hackers and attackers. 

Some of the websites might have selected malicious codes with their free plugins. When you install and activate them on your site, you are infecting your website actually unknowingly. 

So, it’s better to go for the premium plugins or the free ones only from the trusted source, so that you may also be assured about the safety of your website. 

Less is more

Well, a precious thought is quality should be preferred over the quantity. A few plugins are always better than more. Each of the plugins utilizes more bandwidth on a web server. You should go for installing the quality plugins that hold particular motives for your site. 

You should always be sure about your need for it. If you are not clutching any definite requirement, don’t pick it. Don’t unnecessarily make your website heavy as it may lead to the slow speed of your site. 

Avoid Duplicate or Conflicting Plugins

While installing various plugins, we always tend to find the conflicting ones. So, to avoid the conflict of the plugins, choose a few plugins only for your website. 

Undoubtedly, there exist a plethora of WordPress plugins that are available for you, but that doesn’t mean you should install all. You should come up with the much-needed features, depending on your desire regarding your website’s gape and performance. This will assist in determining which plugins would be best to meet your demands. 

People will always advise you with the new ones, but invest some time in coming out with a fruitful decision for grabbing the most required plugin. Don’t forget, that you can download them later always with the growing needs, there is no need to rush and make your site heavy. 

Free vs. Premium

A common question that always hit the minds of the WordPress user is whether to pick the free or go for the premium plugin. “Premium” is not the synonym for the “Best”. In fact, there are various free plugins available in the market holding the exceptional and most-available features that would not be even found in those premium ones. 

A common misunderstanding is that is we hold an expensive plugin, it should be great. This is not right always. With a plethora of plugins that roll us every day, the junk plugins also come out. 

Just because we pay for the plugins doesn’t imply that the free option doesn’t exist, in fact, there is even better. 

Truly, the perception of humans is always enlightened by the cost. But, remember, there lives various illegal premium plugins also all around the world. Just punching a price tag doesn’t show that you are getting the best quality. 

WordPress web development is free and very easy but free doesn’t imply cheap, always. Before picking a premium one, just try to come up with an informed decision.  

Prefer Installing Quality Plugins

The first issue that a newbie user would face is how to recognize the quality of any plugin among a group? There exist a few factors, let’s discuss below:

  • The download numbers: A plugin with various downloads is believed to be most trusted than the other with few. A plugin with better compatibility on WordPress will magnetize more users. The downloading numbers is a good sign as to decide whether the plugin is worth installing or not.
  • Average rating: From the previous users you should check the average rating to come up with a decision whether you should go ahead with the plugin or not. 
  • Reviews: The plugins usually get reviews by WordPress users. You may go online to know the experience of the users with it. 
  • Developer: Only listen to the well-established developers as they have already demonstrated themselves over the new ones. 
  • Proof of Active Support: Do check whether the plugin is receiving the contact active customer support. If it’s absent, you should walk carefully when it comes to installing. There exist no guarantee that a plugin will be constantly working if they are not offering active support. 

With the above few tips, you will better know the WordPress plugins. Your opinion is important to us. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section below.