8 Best & Free WordPress Schema Plugins 2019

Sep 6


Ajeet Yadav

Ajeet Yadav

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Here are 8 Best & Free WordPress Schema Plugins of 2019 that can significantly increase your website traffic.


Websites with extra information containing images and ratings are something you might have come across several times while browsing the internet. The information is always shown with certain listings on the search engine results. Have you ever wondered why companies are doing so? Is such information really relevant? What purpose do they serve? 

The answer to these questions is simple. These websites are not really providing such info without reason. In fact,8 Best & Free WordPress Schema Plugins 2019 Articles by giving out such snippets, websites are merely enhancing their optimization or SEO prospects. These days getting your WordPress site ranked higher on the search engines is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. There are certain schema plugins with which you can provide such snippets. We will talk about the types of plugins later on, for now, let us understand the utility of these plugins.

Importance of WordPress Schema Plugins

These schema plugins serve a lot of purposes. They assist the various search engines in getting a good understanding of your content and decide the time and placement of the same in their results. Apart from bestowing you with the way the content is projected on the search engines, these plugins also give you an idea about how it looks when shared on social media channels.

By gaining control over the way your content is shown on search engines and social media, you can easily optimize the listings for higher click-through rates and lure more people to your website. So, this is something worth giving a try. In case you want your content to make an impact on the search engines, these plugins can really come in very handy. Hence, let us help you out by listing out some of the best and free schema plugins for you to make an informed choice.

Top 8 Free WordPress Schema Plugins

WordPress is a universe in itself. The platform has a wide array of themes and plugins that serve multiple functions. As for schema plugins, it has a lot of variants. But let us focus on the best and free plugins that can live up to your expectations.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

This easily qualifies as one of the best schema Wordpress plugins. The WP SEO Structured Data Schema is an excellent, well rounded and free plugin, which is very much appropriate for blogger and small business websites, and even suitable for local businesses. This plugin can only be used on a page-by-page basis. This theme is very simple and intuitive and follows Google guidelines as well.


Through this plugin also schema markup can be applied to your website easily. The Schema plugin is a free and compact plugin which can be conveniently installed. However, it takes a bit of an effort for setting up this plugin. The best part is that the plugin automates schema in line with category types. This makes sure that you need not individually incorporate schema markup for all pages and posts.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

This is also an excellent plugin to implement some schema types on pages. As for installation and set up, they both are very easy, and the plugin is very much intuitive as well. The unique aspect about All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin is the easy “form fill” style that this one employs. So, if you desire a simple and normal way to incorporate schema markup for your content, then there is nothing like All In One Schema Rich Snippets.

Markup JSON-LD Structured Data

This happens to be a very famous and free plugin that has been downloaded and installed by zillions. Markup JSON-LD enjoys tremendous technical and existing development support. It is a common knowledge that there are some amazing choices as far as multi-purpose WordPress schema plugins are concerned, and Markup JSON-LD is clearly one among them.

Schema Ninja

Schema Ninja happens to be another great plugin to integrate Schema markup to your WordPress online platform. This has both free and premium versions. The premium version has extra features, but the free version has adequate provision for enhanced functionality. The only thing you need to do to get the free version up and running is to register with the developer on a 3rd party online platform.


If you have WPSSO Core with you, then you don’t have to mechanically re-enter captions, headlines, product information or pick photos. The plugin can read all your WordPress content naturally. Also, you have the liberty to refine and customize schema markup with this plugin. This plugin provides meta tags and Schema markup for Videos, Local business markup, etc.

Schema App Structured Data

This one happens to be an automated plugin that facilitates in employing a detailed schema on your portal, especially for websites pertaining to bigger entities. Through Schema App Structured Data plugin you can spontaneously make schema markup for every page and post of yours. You can automatically create the markup for articles, blog postings, profile pages, etc.

WP Review

WP Review plugin is another potent tool from the stable of WordPress with which content can be reviewed quite conveniently and most importantly, without impacting the speed of your site. This has a premium version as well, but the free version covers most of the functionality. This plugin has a greater degree of customization, and you can easily incorporate reviews by featuring stars, percentage or point rating. Last but not least, it supports translation as well.


Well, these are some of the best and free schema WordPress plugins that are ideal for your website. We have provided a list of 8 plugins. However, they are unique in their own ways. In case you are looking for a plugin that meets your specific requirements, then first analyze your needs before choosing one option.