7 Reasons Why PHP Is the Future of Web Application Development

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In the web development sector, new technologies seep in to replace older ones, and that is quite logical. However, there exist some applications and tools that continue to hold their ground against the new contenders on the horizon! One such prominent example is PHP.

Despite the claim that PHP is a fading technology for web development,Guest Posting it continues to serve as a major force driving the web. While the number of developers using PHP in a direct way may have reduced, the same can’t be said about those using PHP-based frameworks and platforms.

Upon finer analysis, it becomes clear that PHP development is very much in vogue, and the technology will not go obsolete anytime soon. A majority of websites are being made with WordPress- a popular CMS platform. WP is made with PHP. Besides, the popularity of PHP-centric web development frameworks is growing. PHP-based Frameworks like Symfony and Laravel are very popular in the web development community. Popular online services like Wikipedia and Facebook also rely on PHP. 

Why PHP will be relevant in web development in the future too

Introduced back in 1994 as a server-side scripting language, PHP is preferred by thousands of web developers for its flexibility, security, and ease of usage. Over the years, the number of frameworks based on PHP has grown in number. With each update, PHP has become better for web development. The 7th version, for example, has added a number of useful features. The notable improvements include better memory usage, enhanced site speed, faster error handling, etc. Given the fact that more than 77 million websites run either on PHP or its derivatives, it is safe to say PHP will hold its forte in the web development arena in the future too.

The advantages of PHP that help it stay relevant in web development

PHP has some inherent advantages that make it a popular choice in the web development sector. 

  • Open Source- PHP’s Open Source nature works to its advantage. In fact, most of the frameworks based on PHP are also Open Source. This makes things easier for the new developers or firms with limited budgets. Even the veteran developers can dabble with coding as per their needs. When there is no need to license, it becomes flexible for the developers.
  • Good scalability- As a web development platform, PHP is quite scalable, and the same can be said about the frameworks based on it. The good thing is websites built using PHP can be extended without hassles. This helps in enhanced load handling. PHP supports the major internet browsers as well.
  • Speed of development- The web developers often need to work within tight deadlines, and not complying with client timing means loss of work. Using PHP, they are able to complete their projects within the stipulated timing. The fact is PHP has its own memory, and that helps in reducing loading time. It makes things better for both the PHP app development agencies and their clients.
  • Great security- Nowadays, web developers and website owners remain worried about site security. The same is true about web apps too. Owing to hacking attacks, several MNCs and Technology giants have lost valuable data and incurred monetary losses- across the world. The instances of such online attacks targeting websites and apps are on the rise. So, developers are opting for secure web development platforms more than ever before. The latest version of PHP is quite secure, and using extensions, the security level in PHP websites can be further enhanced.
  • Robust support- Over the years, the number of online forums and groups comprising PHP developers and programmers have shot up. So, the newbie PHP developers do not have to worry about support. Most of the support can be obtained for free and without much delay. This helps in expediting the development process and eliminating hurdles. 
  • Solid database compatibility- Many websites need to be linked with databases, and this is especially true of corporate websites. The nice thing about PHP is that it offers very good compatibility with database applications. PHP’s embedded modules make linking it with database management systems simple. It supports widely used database types such as MySQL and MS-SQL.
  • Possible to use with HTML- PHP offers support for embedded HTML programming. It is possible to create a web page with PHP and then add HTML to it. This makes things better for the veteran developers who want to make their websites more functional and feature-rich without hampering source code.
  • Cloud service compatibility- Nowadays, a lot of businesses are opting for cloud services- globally. This is applicable for SMBs and giant companies hailing from various sectors. Cloud services are being used by businesses for needs like security, accounting, office productivity, etc. The nice thing about PHP web applications is they are supported well by cloud services like AWS Lambda. So deploying a PHP application on a cloud server is not hard. 
  • Ample documentation- The PHP developers, especially those who are new to the sector, do not have to worry about documentation and tutorials. They can access plenty of resources, and that helps them overcome issues in the workflow. The documentation can be availed free of cost too. 
So, what the future of PHP looks like?

The demand for PHP web development has not diminished much, despite its age and availability of newer alternatives. Python is a popular contender in this sector, for sure. However, the PHP-based frameworks and CMS platforms continue to rule the roost. Apart from WP, Joomla and Drupal also rely on PHP. The latest version of PHP stacks up well against the rivals. 

It is also easy to find and hire PHP developers. The technology has been present for a long time, and so there is no shortage of developers with expertise in PHP. You can also negotiate and assess to zero in on the apt PHP Development Company for business needs. However, prior to hiring such a company or developers, it is necessary to assess certain aspects. You should check for assessment of the agency, check its portfolio and go through the client feedback. You may also opt for PHP development outsourcing companies. 

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