How Colour Psychology Can Affect Your Website Sales

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‘Sales’ and ‘Conversions’, calling these terms the fundamentals in the life of the millennials does not seem too farfetched an idea. Despite the huge variation in their professional fields, most of the working population today is indirectly or directly driven by conversions. This article explores the effects of something as simple as ‘colour’ on the complexities of sales and conversions. Through this post, we aim to help you understand what colour psychology means, specifically in relation to website sales.

Colour Psychology and What it Entails:

Colour Psychology is a branch of Behavioural Psychology that focuses on the impact of colour on human behaviour. While some delve into the understanding of colour psychology,Guest Posting others deny the existence of such a concept. The lack of scientific backing for every claim may make the idea slightly unreliable but surely, we cannot dismiss the concept altogether. Given below is a list of popular colours used by ecommerce website design services and the emotions that are commonly associated with each of them:

  • Red – This colour is used to increase the heart rate, hence creating a sense of urgency. It is often used in clearance sales.
  • Blue – This is a colour that radiates assurance and reliability. It is extremely popular and most often it used by banks and businesses.
  • Yellow– While this colour evokes cheerfulness, it can also be overwhelming. Some believe it to be a trigger for anxiety and hence yellow needs to be used intelligently. You will sometimes see that stores use the colour in the windows to grasp their viewers’ attention or warn people in certain situations.
  • Orange – Orange just like yellow, needs to be used sparingly. Using the orange colour correctly can help to stimulate competition, confidence, and ambition. A lot of sports teams and children’s products have orange in their Logos. Orange, if used in an excessive manner can also signify something that is cheap.
  • Green – A colour that is essentially symbolises anything associated with nature. Green is also used to indicate wealth or money and is believed to have an impact on creativity. It is the easiest colour to process and provides a sense of relaxation when used well.
  • Black– Black is associated with luxury, sophistication, and elegance. Many high-end brands use this colour, they often add in a tinge of bright colour to help establish their individuality and provide a sense of tranquillity.
  • Purple– The colour purple has a richness that exhibits royalty and affluence. It is by many beauty brands and anti-ageing products due to its ability to soothe and assure you.
  • Pink– Femininity and romance are often indicated with the use of pink. But that does not make it every woman’s favourite colour. It can be used cleverly to market products to young girls and women.

The emotions associated with each colour have been decided on the basis of the impact they have on the vast majority. Besides looking up research carried out in the field, many e-commerce website development companies will also be able to advise you on which colours are best for your website. Continue reading to learn about how the use of colours can affect the gross sales on your website:

  1. Call to Action Buttons

While green is often the colour of choice for call to action buttons, you can also consider using red and orange for these buttons. However, remember that these are all best used combined with the ‘isolation effect’ which suggests that more something stands out, the better you remember it. If you look at the websites of large companies, you will spot that several of them use green CTA buttons. Also remember the black, white or brown are believed to be the worst colours for CTA buttons.

  1. Type of Product and Target Audience

 It's very important to know exactly who your clientele is and what colours would appeal to them. Besides the vast difference in colour preferences of men and women, you will also find that different that particular age groups and cultures too, will be attracted to a certain range of colours. The colours you use should also speak to your audience by representing the product that you wish to market or sell. If you are selling children’s products, you need to make sure your website is vibrant and friendly and if you are selling high-quality gadgets then you should use muted colours the represent luxury and assurance. 

  1. Background and Text Colours 

The background you choose plays the deciding factor in whether your viewer will stay and browse or close the tab. It is very important that your background emanates a sense of calm. Steer clear of bright colours for your background and use them for text only where you want to instantly attract attention. Using too many colours can overwhelm the senses. The background and text colours should complement one another. If you are using coloured backgrounds you may want to stick to black or white text to have maximum impact.

  1. Use of White

Before you read further, have a good look at the Google Homepage. Have you noticed before that using white in this case has proved to be quite a powerful design feature? You’ll find that using white is not often advised but using white strategically can have a highly compelling impact. The use of white helps to emphasise the important aspects of the design and also enhances clarity.

The Colours of The Internet

 Constantly evolving technology enables us to access the internet at any time in any place. With no shortage of options and reduced problems with connectivity, you need to ask yourself what makes your website stand out? You could easily hire Magento developers to help you but the answer is quite obvious. It is your aesthetic sense, colours and design are what essentially makes you unique. Colour Psychology will surely help provide some direction but make sure you complement what you have learned by testing it. If you are designing a new website, try a few options with different palates of colours and try to conduct a small survey amongst your friends and family. Get creative using what you know and what you have the ability to learn and it is quite certain that you will succeed.

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