How To Elect The Best Photo Gallery That Fits Your Need

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Most of us like viewing at least few images sprinkled on the website because it is an effective way of sharing information. With a photo gallery, you can categorize the images as per your need, thus narrating the required news to the targeted crowd in a more disciplined manner.

The necessity of Photo galleries in websites affirms the demand of photo gallery extensions. Web masters emphasize on delivering a visually interactive web page with more images that boasts their products / services. Presenting heaps of images in an elegant style with vivid effects is a best choice. Your photo gallery should be able to organize the photos stacks as well as express them in a beautiful way.

The internet usage is wide as ocean where you can find many ready made solutions that creates a photo gallery for your images in no time. For instance,Guest Posting WordPress image gallery extension is a ready to use extension which once installed helps you to manage piles of images in a more simple and hitch-free manner. I choose a WordPress extension due to the huge customer base of WordPress CMS. This is the most extensively used open source due to its vital factors and ease of use.

The WordPress CMS is also reckoned as the best blogging platform. The installation and configuration process of extensions in WordPress admin is simple and niche. And if it’s a well documented extension, the process becomes even simpler.

With the WordPress admin and a suitable image gallery extension like WordPress Slideshow Gallery , you can even convert your whole website as a photo sharing website. By opting for a unique WordPress photo gallery extension with elite features such as Mac Dock and Smooth gallery slide-show; you can make your photo sharing service adorable and innovative. Focusing on Mac dock, it is a special effect where by rolling the mouse over the thumbnail images of an album, the image which comes in contact with the pointer is blown out resting the rest of the images to the back.

Some of the other utility features an image gallery extension should possess are:

  • Allows creating any number of albums.

  • Organize n number of images in a clean and pleasant way.

  • Name each album for easy navigation.

  • Add title and description for each images.

  • Display photos in smooth gallery slide show.

  • Show photos in special effects.

  • Facebook comments for each photos.

  • Generate thumbnail for each image, giving the album quick navigation support.

  • Allow users to download images from the front-end.

  • Enables to show album in a specific widget

  • Enables to show specific image in a widget.

  • Set the style of the thumbnail images so as to appear either with rounded corner, winged corner for images etc.

  • Provides various album settings in the back end such as set number of albums per row, set number of albums per column, etc.

  • Enables critical settings in the back-end for each images such as set number of images per row, set number of images per column, set the width of the thumbnail images, set the smoothness of the image over mouse over, set the direction of the Mac effect, set the number of Facebook comments to be displayed in the front end etc.

The image gallery extension should also be customizable for future prospect. So, before clicking on download button, give a quick go through to the above check list for the best and cost effective purchase.

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