Importance of adaptive web design for the success of your product

Dec 14


Oleh Sadykow

Oleh Sadykow

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As the number of tablets and mobile device users grows, the importance of adaptive web design has increased. Nowadays, the visitor prefers a service with the most user-friendly content and fast navigation. Even if your site ranks well enough in search but is ineffective on mobile devices, you will not be competitive.


These days technologies are rapidly developing. Various devices are available on the market today. Among them are laptops,Importance of adaptive web design for the success of your product Articles PC, netbooks, smartphones, and tablets. Such diversity of gadgets and screen sizes causes particular challenges. Different people have different preferences, and it is important to satisfy every user category providing a site well-fitting to any screen size. Business owners cannot neglect it as it has a great impact on user retention and conversion rate. People today are rather demanding and do not use a site that is not mobile- and user-friendly.
One of the best solutions, in this case, is an adaptive web design, and in this article, we will consider the main advantages of this technique to let you understand why you need a adaptive website.
What is an adaptive web design?
Adaptive web design is an approach that implies the use of predefined layouts in order to let websites fit well to various screen sizes. In other words, adaptive web design responds to the user's behavior and the environment in terms of screen size, platform, and orientation. A user doesn't feel any discomfort as he switches from a laptop to the iPhone, as a website accommodates for resolution, automatically complying with the user preferences.
It is considered to be a good practice to design six separate layouts. A decision on which layout to use is made on the server that detects device type and operating system, and after that provides the most suitable layout that corresponds with screen size.
Benefits of adaptive web design

  • The first and most important advantage of adaptive web design is that it provides a great user experience for a broad auditory, with no regard to the devices they use. Your customers have an opportunity to use a website that looks good and is convenient, user-friendly, intuitive, and optimized. In contrast to responsive web design, users can also enjoy tap-friendliness using an adaptive mobile website.
  • One more advantage of adaptive web design that requires particular attention is better monetization opportunities. It is explained by the fact that advertisements can be easily optimized for either mobile or desktop site designs. In contrast, on a responsive site, ads can be lost when it is rearranged for mobile devices. In this case, ads are not displayed on the screen or pushed to the bottom of the page, which can lead to a significant reduction in potential earnings.
  • With the help of adaptive web design, you can considerably improve the performance of your website on mobile devices. Your valuable users will not have to wait for your website to load. It is possible as an adaptive mobile website loads only those features and information that is necessary for the gadget they use. As a result, an adaptive mobile website requires less time to load than a responsive one. Do not forget about testing - automated software testing solutions will be very helpful in this case.
  • If you choose an adaptive web design, there will be no need to completely scratch your existing website. It is especially important for sophisticated websites overloaded with legacy code.

Which global companies use AWD?
While there are still those who prefer the responsive design, there are many global brands that have highly appreciated the technique of adaptive web design and used it for their sites to provide their customers with the best experience. Here are some global brands that provide the best adaptive websites:

  1. IKEA;
  2. Many Business;
  3. Turkish Airlines;
  4. Lufthansa;
  5. Adidas;
  6. Maplin, and many others.

Websites of these companies can be considered as great adaptive web design examples that are worth noticing.
Big fans of the responsive web often criticize adaptive web design for being costly and more time-consuming. However, as practice shows, adaptive web design is more beneficial in the long term despite the above-mentioned facts. And if a company has sufficient finances, it is better to opt for an adaptive web design as it is indeed a wise investment.
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Importance of adaptive web design is obvious. Experience has proven that it can be considered as an excellent option for websites. Using this approach, businesses not only satisfy their customers and reach out to a broader audience but reap numerous benefits, increasing sales and income, improving conversion rate and customer acquisition, and keeping current customers engaged. Therefore its cost and required time and effort are fully justified.