Quick Fixes to Boost up the Performance of Your WordPress Website

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Here are some quick fixes to optimise your WordPress website reach at its best possible speed. It will not just help yuo to reduce the bounce rate but get more conversions as well.

WordPress is very popular among every kind of person associated with any kind of business. Developing a WordPress website is a different thing,Guest Posting tuning up a WordPress website is a different thing. In order to boost up your WordPress website performance, you need to follow some of my quick tips which can really help you to optimize your WordPress website.

These fixes are although very general in nature, but most of the time people forget about these and misses a whole pile of opportunities they might get by fast WordPress website. Let’s get straight to it and see what are these quick actions that will help you to improve the performance of WordPress site.

Make a wise use of cache plugin

Cache plugins are highly recommended if you’re looking to boost your website’s performance instantly. A cache plugin will convert your dynamic WordPress website into a static HTML website which is faster to load. You can download WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache in order to efficiently cache your WordPress website.

Clean your Database files

In WordPress, there is one outstanding feature. That is the autosave feature. This is used almost every time, however, this leads to a lot of junk files in the database of your WordPress website. Declutter everything there and keep it clean and organized. This will definitely increase your website’s performance.

CSS Optimization

Now, without CSS, WordPress is nothing. There are loads of CSS files which acquire unnecessary space due to poor formatting. Here, you can modify these files by decluttering the codes and removing unnecessary spaces and lines. After this, there will be a visible change in the performance of your WordPress website.

Compress your images and Videos

Images and videos are the heaviest elements in your website. This tends to take time while loading. So, it will be wiser to compress the size of the images you’re using in your WordPress website. You can use a plugin for that or if you want then you can also do that manually as well.

Delete all the unnecessary plugins

This step is not only beneficial for the performance of your website but also for the security. Allow me to explain. In this step, you need to delete all the plugins which you are not using at all. This will not only leave a lot of space but also keeps your website lighter. When you delete unnecessary plugins, you need to delete those plugins as well which are not updated from 2 years as they can be used by some hacker to get an entry on your website and then leave a backdoor. Then you might not like the outcome.

So, these are some of the quick fire tips that will help you to optimize WordPress Website performance. Please do share it if you like the post. Till then have a good one.

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