Typography: Why does it matter?

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Article writing is an art that needs a lot of hard work and efforts. It starts right from the stage with finding words that are perfect for your topic of coverage. Writers and readers often do not focus on what is more important than these “other” things – Typography.

Have you ever been through the trauma of less traffic on your blog or website despite and in spite of the fact that you engage yourself pretty much in producing the highest quality content?

Let us walk you through “what”,Guest Posting “why” and “how” of Typography and find out the reasons behind its importance in the world of writing.

What is Typography – Any guesses?

Many of you may not be aware of Typography. It is basically about the structuring of content – how to arrange it in an organized fashion. This phenomenon has been in place since time immemorial (do you know about the movable typing machines?). Typography is what adds life to your masterpiece, thus making it more attractive to your readers. It helps to grasp the concentration of your readers with the precise wordplay that you are going to have in your work. Some of the major elements of Typography are Typeface, Font, Line Length, Leading, Kerning and Tracking.

So why is Typography important at all?

Typography holds the centre of the writer’s universe – it brings all the readers from the world to your content online. It helps them to enjoy reading it, rather than trying to make sense out of it. Typography gives a whole new persona to your piece of work and brings out aspects that the reader doesn’t find in other articles – it is so much more than those fonts.

Typography defines the art of an article and the way readers perceive what is defined in that article. It is both an art but is strongly connected to human cognition – there has been extensive research and experiments about this and it’s an established fact.

To create an enjoyable reading experience for the readers, you can start with the typeface of your article. You must have a special focus on the organization of text that is necessary for the most optimal level of reading and pleasure. The paragraphs and text that is paramount to your topic, you can make sure that you organize it in such as a way that it captures the reader’s focus. You can bold, underline, increase the font size or add a contrast to the environs of the write-up.


Webmasters and bloggers try to make the use of the best typographic strategies possible to make the content as readable as possible. The style of writing and typography determines the mood of the readers and thus it holds utmost importance – it brings traffic to your blog. Lastly, Typography is not just about the fonts but also the summation of related factors that makes your article worth reading. There are some rules to be followed and guidelines to abide by – are you ready to take that challenge?


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