What Are The Benefits Of Static Web Designing?

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Learn about the benefit of static web designing and how it's different from dynamic websites.

A Static Website means making web pages with simple and fixed content. In static web designing,Guest Posting each page is made with the help of HTML coding. It does not demand high-level database designing or complicated coding. It displays the same information without any changes whenever a visitor arrives on the website. This style is the most basic and user-friendly. It is the easiest and modest to create. Simply create a few HTML pages and put it on the server.

Is Static Website for me?

Having or not a website is not a big deal to decide. But this very decision brings a lot of questions and decisions along with it. Building and maintaining a website is more complicated than what it looks like. It is a very complicated process. A website may look effortless but the process is not. But it was not always like this. Website making was a little less complicated a few years ago. Every website was made with simpler coding and simple text files. Changes were easy-to-make and websites were easy-to-operate.

Yes, we are talking about ‘Static Website Designing’. Gone are the days of those animated cartoons or fancy pages when users visited your website. Taking back the power into their hands, the customers have shown a desire to go uncomplicated and choose Static over Dynamic designing.

What are the benefits of Static Web Designing?

1. Time-saving: One of the reasons that make Static website more popular among the clients is that it takes less time to develop and launch. A Static Website doesn’t require complex coding and designing. It is faster than any other dynamic website. Every startup wants to save time when starting the venture.

2. More Economic: Static Website takes less investment in comparison to dynamic websites. Static websites don’t include a heavy database or multiple pages or coding which makes them cost-efficient. It has simple information and good online exposure fulfilled in a limited budget.

3. Easy maintenance: Static Websites do not need any maintenance service. These can be administered easily and are convenient to handle. It doesn’t require heavy interactive tools to sustain and work. As static websites have very few pages and feature that too with a fixed pattern for each vertical. For each small venture, the clients prefer to have limited content and pages.

4. Easy to Control: Static Web Designing gives you the freedom to create exact coding and functionality matching the requirements of the clients. No need to get bushed in the internment of pre-programmed connection. In the static web designing, images are modified to any size with no trouble. Just select the type of font that you want and get it in no time.

5. Easy navigation: The best part that makes Static Website more favored is its user-friendliness and easy handling. Its navigation is very simple as it has only a few pages. With limited pages, it is fast in loading. With this type of design, it is handy to divert the information to other databases.

6. Static sites are secure: With Static Websites, there is less threat of attacks on the database or server. There is no private information or details involved in Static websites, hence no stress of a cross-site-scripting attack.

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