5 Important Factors Before Choosing Any Web Hosting Deal

Dec 3


Gaurav Kamboj

Gaurav Kamboj

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If you want to survive online the your hosting should be powerful and secure as well. Because once it will start getting traffic your website might face malware or bots attacks. To prevent your website from these attacks you need perfect hosting.

Why Web Hosting is Important?

When someone start a new website they he or she focus on quality of content, 5 Important Factors Before Choosing Any Web Hosting Deal Articles SEO and other things but rarely look at hosting provider. But they don’t know hosting is only the thing which will run their website. If website is not able to attend the traffic or prevent malware attack then you will lose your traffic and lose in revenue.

If your web hosting company is not good or any other reason like you have shared plan and on same server there are few website linked to spam or hackers or other dangerous website then this could blacklist you from search engine.

If you face these kind of issue then it would be not good for reputation of your website. No one will like to visit your site for knowledge or purchase.

We have shortlisted 5 most important factors before choosing any web hosting provider.

1. Uptime Guarantees

There are many websites available in the market which claim 100% UPTIME guarantee but I would like to tell you that this is little unrealistic or looking like a scam because this is not achievable.

Website will be down when there will be some maintenance work or any other update. So, during this time website hosting will be down and it will be live once all activities done.

Some companies claim that they will provide 99.9% uptime for your website. This UPTIME is achievable and your website will not be down for much time.

If your website is generating good amount of traffic or you have high budget then don’t go for shared hosting plans and should choose VPS or other high value plans. There are some companies such as A2 web hosting, Accuwebhostingand many more. Who provide 99.9% UPTIME Guarantee.

2. Server Location

Many companies sometime host there servers to those locations which are not much secure but by hosting here will reduce their working and maintaining cost.

There is also one more reason to check the server location because few companies having server on few countries then it would be a challenge for your website to rank high in Google search results. I am not saying that your website will not work but you will need to work hard to rank your website. Even if the server is too far then it could affect your website loading speed as well.

Let’s understand this with an example like if your hosted server in low income country which is not too secure and also it is too far from your website targeted location. So, your website time could increase and you can lose your traffic.

So, always check your hosting server location before buying any web host for your website.

3. Processing Power

If your website having a complex design and having many widgets and other animation then this factor play a very important role while choosing any plan.

Because if your webpage is full of widgets and animations then it will results in your high loading time. To overcome this issue your hosting plan should be powerful enough to handle all these things.

You can choose dedicated servers for these kind of heavy websites.

4. Bandwidth Data

Bandwidth is basically data transfer rate. It will also help in web page speed like if your data transfer rate is good then page will also open fast.

There are few companies which provide limitation on the bandwidth data. So, before buying any hosting deal. You should check Bandwidth data limit.

5. Reputation of Web Host

Before choosing any web hosting company you should look at their testimonials and customer review. This will help you checking the reputation and quality of that web host.

If customers are complaining about that host then it would be helpful for you to take a decision against less reputed host.

There are many web hosting companies, which are open and having great reputation in the market. If you don’t give attention to this point then this would cost you in the future.

If your web host is trusted, reliable and fast then Google will also trust your website (in my opinion).

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