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The lifeline of any web site is the server, where your web resources are hosted. Choosing a server is decided by bandwidth requirement, security, reliability, stability and of course the cost.

What is web hosting?

Your website pages maybe made in HTML or php or asp or other extensions. These pages and scripts need to be run from a server that will attend to the requests of users wishing to view these pages. Such a service that allows you to upload and store a site's HTML or other documents,Guest Posting scripts and related files on a web server and makes the files available on the World Wide Web for viewing by the public is called site hosting. is a company that offers the perfect hosting solution. Choosing your hosting provider is perhaps the most crucial element in the success of your website. Consider it this way, your website design is like the body of your car. The engine is like the hosting company. In other words, what you need is a ‘solid’ hosting company. 

While choosing your host you need to consider a few aspects:

Disk space consumption

A small website might require as low as 200 mb. A portal may require even 5 gb. As a webmaster you will need to evaluate how much disk space you would require. offers a wide range of packages to choose from. For smaller websites there are For portals there are dedicated server solutions and much more. 

Bandwidth transfer

Every hosting package comes with a bandwidth transfer limit. If you consume more than that, you pay extra for that. While choosing a host you need to evaluate your bandwidth requirement. offers absolutely amazing bandwidth limits that too at abysmally low costs.


Support is an extremely important aspect while choosing a host. It’s said bad support is more expensive than good support. A small server problem and your while website could be down for hours or even days. What you need is a reliable and stable host that offers the best support as and when you need it. offers absolutely outstanding 24 x7 LIVE customer support absolutely FREE.  

Newsletter and email

Any serious website definitely requires newsletter and emailing support. If a customer’s inquiry isn’t instantly being delivered to you, then you may actually be losing a customer. Besides that you must also check it for SMTP pop mails, web mail options and auto-responders. offers a wide range of email and list handling options, the best one can get anywhere.

Uptime Guarantee

An extremely important aspect while choosing a host. Uptime means the time when your website would be available to the visitors. Apparently if a host is offering a 90% uptime guarantee, it means you website can actually be down for almost 36 days in a year! Never settle for anything less than 98%. offers an uptime guarantee of 99.5%, which is by far the best in the industry.

Visitor tracking

The ability to track visitors i.e. site statistics. It's important that you know not only how many visitors you are getting but also where they are coming from. This will help you focus your attention on the right channels of promotion. offers Cpanel. Cpanel has top of the line multiple visitor tracking softwares to suit your convenience.

E-commerce add-on capabilities

If you are planning to sell goods on your site at some point, you will need an e-commerce platform plus other add-ons for enabling e-commerce. offers the perfect platform to e-commerce enabling. ServerPlex Networks and e-onlinedata offer you the highest quality Credit Card Processing and Payment Gateway services. They specialize in Merchant Accounts for Internet, Mail Order/Phone Order, Retail and Auction businesses.

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