How to Improve Security on Dedicated Servers?

Dec 4


Robin Dale

Robin Dale

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Server Security is the main concern for most of the clients or webmasters while choosing a web hosting service provider. Compare to other web hosting package, dedicated server security is much more secure. When you are using a shared hosting account, you have to share your server and resources so security concerns are already down.

On Dedicated Server Hosting you can avoid the hacking attempts by following the below security measures.Changing Passwords : Changing your password is the first and important security measure to take with a dedicated server. While configuring your dedicated server,How to Improve Security on Dedicated Servers? Articles don’t forget to change the passwords as it is the primary step of security. To avoid the hacking attempts and malacious programs completely, you should change the passwords every quarterly. Make the password difficult by including numbers, alphabets in lower and upper case and few special characters so that guessing will be hard for hacker.Use of SSH Instead of FTP : Disable the application you are not using. For example, if you aren’t using the FTP, just disable it, so that there will be no chance for security hole. Generally, hackers are always in search of dead holes and as soon as they get it, they sneak into them. However, if you do use FTP program, ensure not to send passwords or any private info via ftp, as because they are sent in plain text can be easily detected.SSH is much more secure than Telnet. Telnet is one of the greatest security risks on a dedicated servers and make maximum usage out of your secure shell.Firewall Protection : This is another important security tool for your dedidcated server. A good firewall can detect hacking attempts and notifies you while they are on their way. Though its windows or Linux both of them are not completely virus free, so make sure to update your firewall and softwares.Data Backup : You may lose your valuable information or data by typing a wrong command. Make sure you take a backup of your data on monthly or weekly basis.As an administrator just taking care of the above security measures is not enough, you will still need to carry out a regular maintenance on your own dedicated servers.