What Disaster Recovery Sites Mean for Businesses

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Why it's important to have a good disaster recovery plan and what it could mean for your business?


Corporate hosting services deliver countless options for disaster recovery (DR) based on objectives,Guest Posting goals, and recovery time that businesses need.

Disaster recovery solutions often cater to enterprises and banks and include SAP/ERP software. Some organizations, especially small to medium businesses, are already discovering and leveraging hosting services for disaster recovery. In fact, disaster recovery sites make interesting alternative business solutions for organizations that are strapped for budget and IT resources.

Having disaster recovery sites reduces the need for IT resources and infrastructure, thus leading to substantial cost reductions. This allows smaller businesses to deploy disaster recovery options that were only available to larger enterprises.

Disaster recovery is all about capacity and business continuity planning; however, it also comes with drawbacks that need to be markedly understood. Here are questions to ponder before your business ventures into it:

  • How are scheduled backups sent to an off-site location?
  • Is there an automated data replication offered?
  • Does the hosting provider helps implement business continuity planning (BCP)?

In addition, space and bandwidth requirements need to be addressed. There is the liability of only planning for bandwidth requirements to transfer data into off-site locations without adequate evaluation of how to make the data accessible when an unexpected disaster occurs. For larger businesses that handle a large volume of information, you need aggressive recovery time objectives.

Furthermore, if you decide to get disaster recovery servers, you need to consider the capacity, reliability, and availability of your provider to serve you during a disaster. It is essential to pick out a DR site or managed service provider that can provide disaster recovery services within agreed terms. The wrong choice of provider can land you in major revenue loss.

Disaster recovery options yield tremendous savings and allow DR methods in small and medium-sized businesses that, before, were only possible for larger corporations. Make sure that your provider houses a dedicated team that knows the fundamentals of disaster recovery, enabling you to devise solid DR plans in case catastrophe strikes.

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