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As an owner of an online store you are probably faced with a number of ... ... One of the first choices you can make is your ... of a web hosting ... a hosting company is

As an owner of an online store you are probably faced
with a number of important decisions. One of the first choices you
can make is your selection of a web hosting package.

Since a hosting company is responsible for showing your web
pages to the world,Guest Posting your selection can have an incredible impact
on your business.

The wrong choice could be disastrous!

But, even if you do careful research, the options for web hosting
can be overwhelming. Although the majority of these companies
provide quality services, it is still hard to distinguish one from
the other.

Instead of looking for the hosting company that is "best" for you, it
is important to understand your unique situation and select a company
that fits your business.

Below, I have listed 7 scenarios for an online business. Each one
has different needs. As a result, I have recommended a separate
hosting package to match their profile.

In order to prevent confusion, I won’t go into the “specs” for each
hosting company. Instead, I will briefly list the reasons that I
think that this company will suit your purpose.

Well, let’s get started…

Top Web Hosting For Beginners:

The first steps as a webmaster can very important. If you are
faced with too many difficult challenges, it can be frustrating
Because of this, it is important to find a hosting company that is
easy to use and understand.

One specific company, midPhase Hosting, provides a straightforward
hosting package that is perfect for people with their first website.
MidPhase’s best feature is their support- 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. So, whenever you have a problem with your website, they are
there to help you.

If you are someone with little or no computer experience, then
midPhase is the hosting package for you:

Click Here ------> http://www.buildingastore.com/midPhase.html

Top Web Hosting For Penny Pinchers:

One of the biggest concerns for an online business owner is the
costs of various items. When starting out, it is very common for
the average person to make an effort to save money. So, an
expensive hosting package is NEVER an option.

If you are a person who needs to save money while receiving a
quality hosting package, Your-Site Hosting is right for you.

At $5 a month, Your-Site provides probably the best price around
for hosting a website. Surprisingly though, this company doesn’t
scrimp on their services. Their customers enjoy a large disk
space capacity and other extras that is perfect for a small to
medium sized website.

So, if you are looking to save some money in your web hosting
package, then Your-Site is the hosting package for you:

Click Here ------> http://www.buildingastore.com/Your-Site.html

Top Web Hosting For Online Store Owners:

Since eCommerce sites have very specific needs, it is important
to find a hosting package that will support them. The average
online store has hundreds, even thousands of product photos. As
a result, it is important to find hosting that will store these
photos while loading fast.

One company, StartLogic, makes an excellent option for an online
store owner. In addition to their large storage space and fast
loading servers, StartLogic provides additional services that are
great for an online store. Their eCommerce enabled services are
perfect for those who want an online store without many of the
hassles involved with running one. Finally, the customers of
StartLogic are given a top-notch program that aids in building a

So, if you have a small to medium size online store, then
StartLogic is the hosting package for you:

Click Here ------> http://www.buildingastore.com/StartLogic.html

Top Web Hosting For Multiple Sites:

Often, there are webmasters who run a number of “mini-sites”.
Since each has its own domain name, they need hosting for every
website. But, even the cheapest hosting might cost a lot of money
over the course of a year.

Jumpline Hosting provides a great option where you can host
multiple sites on the same server. For a low price (under $15)
you can host up to 6 websites on their server…that comes out to
$2.50 per website! Also, if you need more disk space or hosting
for more websites, you can increase the plan to suit your needs.

So, if you have to host multiple websites, then Jumpline
is the hosting package for you:

Click Here ------> http://www.buildingastore.com/jumpline.html

Top Web Hosting For Large eCommerce Stores:

As an eCommerce site grows, it receives an increasing number of
visitors and customers. As a result, it must have options that
are not available to other websites. Primarily, this type of site
requires a dedicated server that ensures reliability and quality
in the appearance of the website.

1&1 Internet Web Hosting is a great selection for those websites
who need a little more. This hosting package offers top of the
line disk space and bandwidth capabilities. In addition, this
company gives the option of a dedicated server. Finally, they
provide an incredible eCommerce Solution called eShops. This is
a simple design that enables you to sell your products with ease.

So, if you own a large eCommerce store and require hosting, then
1&1 Internet Web hosting is the company for you:

Click Here ------> http://www.buildingastore.com/1and1WebHosting.html

Top Web Hosting With All the Bells and Whistles:

Sometimes a webmaster likes all the extra stuff that comes with a
web hosting package. In most cases, extra services cost extra money.

Lunarpages is one hosting business that DOES NOT charge additional
fees for many of their extra services. Basically, they provide
their basic service at a low price. But, if you love additional
stuff, then Lunarpages provides an advanced plan that includes
almost everything that you could want or need.

So, if you like having all the bells and extras for your website,
then Lunarpages is the hosting package for you:

Click Here ------> http://www.buildingastore.com/LunarPages.html

Top Overall Web Hosting Package:

Okay, I couldn’t resist giving a “best-of” award to one particular

Although each of the above six hosting companies provide excellent
services for their specific niche, it is my opinion that PowWeb
Hosting is an excellent choice for the average website.

Some of their features include: Zero Downtime (which is extremely
rare), cheap prices, extra tools to build your site, and a large
storage capacity.

So, my favorite overall pick for a web hosting package is PowWeb:

Click Here ------> http://www.buildingastore.com/PowWeb.html

Well, there you have it.

These are 7 different hosting packages that are perfect for any
situation. If your website fits under one of these categories,
then I encourage you to visit these websites and see if they fit
your needs.

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