Bluefy - web Bluetooth Bbrowser for iOS users.

Jul 7


Anna Harkuscha

Anna Harkuscha

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The new app for iOS allows you to develop your own solutions in the field of the Internet of things. Bluefy Web Bluetooth API is an effective web development tool for iOS


The mobile web Bluetooth browser is a new solution in the field of the everyday Internet of things. On average,Bluefy - web Bluetooth Bbrowser for iOS users. Articles every user already has an application on their smartphone to configure their BLE device. However, the number of wireless devices is growing. As a result, it is inconvenient to store applications on a smartphone for each of them. The Bluetooth web browser allows you to operate all devices through a single application.
Bluefy is a new opportunity to be a unique

How can I stand out using web BLE on iOS?

So, Bluefy is a modern, fast and secure browser. With the latest added updates, protection against crypto-mining, phishing and malicious sites, the application has attracted new users. In addition, Bluefy Web BLE Browser suggests:

  • WebView stability
  • iPad support in full-screen mode
  • Clear websites data and cookies
  • Browsing history
  • History-based search

The developers have been working hard on creating the application for six months. The app was released in January 2020, in the Apple app store. Throughout the entire time, the Bluefy team is upgrading applications by adding new functionality and improving its basic characteristics.

Bluefy users can create adaptive solutions for their BLE devices that will work on all iOS devices. The app’s compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 11.0 or later.

Bluefy Web Bluetooth allows users to:

  • imitate the capabilities of native applications
  • create stand-alone operation custom notifications and other features
  • make own web R&D development demos
  • improve your user experience in IoT
  • develop something interesting and unusual
  • share BLE solutions with others

The modern design of the application has made it intuitive for the user. The goal of the developers was not to make the browser overloaded, and they succeeded. The Bluefy application is convenient and allows you to connect several devices simultaneously. However, the process of configuring BLE devices in such a browser is due to the presence of API specifications, through special web pages with the HTTPS protocol. An important aspect is the user's experience in web development or programming. However, it is not so difficult. Thanks to the extensive use of web Bluetooth, there are instructions for connecting and configuring BLE devices. Therefore, if Bluefy is your first Bluetooth browser, there is nothing complicated about it. In this case, you are only required to ensure that the technical characteristics meet the requirements of the application.

You can download and get your own experience from working with Bluefy on the App Store.