Discount Websites for Car Dealers

Mar 11


Arthur Mavericck

Arthur Mavericck

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Today I thought I would show you car dealers out there (new and used) some steps you can take towards getting a great affordable website for your lot without spending a lot of money. You can get a fantastic website with full inventory management that gets found by people in your targeted geographic area that will really blow your mind. I thought I would take a few minutes and discuss that.


The first thing you have to ask yourself is what is your goal from this website? What are trying to accomplish?

A. Are you trying to get found? Maybe you have a website now but nobody can find. You don't like paying for the clicks. You need more customers obviously- we all do. But your current website is just not search friendly. The way a website is built in the platform on which it's built can have a very large effect on the optimization (search engine optimization) of your site.If that's your goal,Discount Websites for Car Dealers Articles you want to know that from the beginning.

B. Are you looking for sales? Do you want people to go online and actually buy a car, pay for it online? Is that your goal? Are you trying to sell cars online?

C. Are you trying to get more sales leads? Like most people, you're trying to get more bodies on the lot, you're trying to get more sales leads for the customer to have a more user friendly experience that they're having right now. You want them to come to the site and be encouraged to come to your lot, to be able to look through your inventory, have things go smoothly and see that you're really in the game.

D. Is it credibility? I think this is along the same lines. Most guys have a website but it just is not doing the trick. It doesn't manage their whole inventory, it doesn't reflect your business and it doesn't make people say, "Yeah, this is a company which I would like to do business and I'm finding this website very easy to follow, I'm able to look through the inventory, find what I'm looking for, give them a call and come to the lot.

What is word press?

A. Word press is a platform on which websites are built. It is a platform that allows you (as car dealers) to easily and affordably have a first class website for a very, very small percentage of cost of what the big guys have (really a small percentage). And yet, the sites built on word press are really, really top shelf.

B. Word press is a blog at its heart. That shouldn't scare you away. These are full blown car dealer websites- probably the most popular website plaform in the world right now. But it's important to know that it's a blog at its heart.

Why is that important?

It is important because search engines love blogs. Google loves blogs and so does Yahoo and Bing. Because of the nature of a blog that gives posts and unique original content, search engines are easily able to find the pages and posts and listings on a word press site- and that's really what you want.

Again, I'm not saying that this is going to be a blog but it's going to look exactly like a website. It is a full blown website. But the fact that it is a blot behind the scenes, it is really a good thing for getting found.

C. A word press website is similar to an iPhone. What I mean by that is what makes an iPhone powerful is the apps. We've all heard of iPhone apps. Apps are created by developers all over the world and they are submitted to Apple. If Apple accepts the application, these apps are offered to millions of iPhone users around the world- some for free and some for small fee.

D. Word press is simple and powerful. What makes word press powerful is plug-ins. Plug-ins (like apps) are submitted by developers all over the world to word press and for us (users of word press), we get to choose from these thousands of different plug-ins that do all sorts of cool things like manage your inventory, allows you to upload pictures easily, change prices. All of these stuff that used to cost a fortune, because of these plug-ins, now has become extremely affordable.

Why use word press?

A. Word press is user friendly. They are ridiculously easy for car dealers like yourselves to manage inventory, upload pictures, add new cars, add used cars and change prices. All that kind of stuff that can be a hassle or can be expensive become ridiculously affordable and easy to use because of word press.

B. They are search friendly. As I mentioned earlier, search engines love word press. The name of the game is to get found. You don't want to get found when someone has to type in the name of your dealership. You want to get found when they type in the model of car that they are looking for or car dealers in a town or anything that maybe related to what you have on your lot. These are called keywords. Word press makes it real easy for search engines to find them.

C. They are affordable. We are talking about a very small percentage of the price of some of the bigger lot sites.

D. You can do full inventory management, full pictures, full editing capability- you really can't beat it.

E. It's easy to upload pictures, cars, edits- everything is easy with word press. You just can't beat it. I built hundreds and hundreds of word press sites and it just gets better and better. You find yourself not being able to even think about building a site outside of it.

These are just first class sites that we're talking about here. Again, it's extremely affordable for you.

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