Oct 12


Gunnar Berglund

Gunnar Berglund

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Learn to use your RSS feeds to create a stampede of traffic for your ... Whatever your business is, ... software ... You can be on the cutting edge with RSS ... brings the p


Learn to use your RSS feeds

to create a stampede of traffic for your business.

Whatever your business is,THE ULTIMATE TRAFFIC TOOL! Articles services, software or

You can be on the cutting edge with RSS feeds.

RSS brings the power of content publication

and syndication to your desktop for nothing.

Forget about email letters and mailing lists that could

be mistaken for spam.

Just Syndicate It! Explode your marketing efforts

while keeping your customer base informed.

Better yet let them market for you with your own

Syndicated and unique content created with RSS.

Can you say instant backlinks with out the hassle

of reciprocal linking.

It's not just who you know .... It's who knows you that

counts. One of the first customers who correctly

used this secret got immediate inclusion in Yahoo,

when he had never been able to find his site

in search results before.

After following the instructions in this book, his

listing not only appeared in Yahoo, it shot up to

the first page.

This could be you in just a few days.

Here's part one of the "secret".

You can get another free listing in Yahoo just by

submitting a News Feed to their RSS directory,

and it's free.

Anyone who can type on a computer, can create

a news feed, even if they don't have a site.

It's that easy.The future of RSS content publication

is now with RSS!

But that's not all!Create the ultimate viral traffic

tool with your very own RSS feed.

Now your e-books can have 10 fold exposure instantly.

Nothing comes close. Links may change, page rank

may vary, and Google may dance a different tune.

Still, content is king and RSS is your marketing

Tool that always give you a winning hand!!!Get RSS'ed,

Buy the book and learn to do it right!

You see, even if you are brand new to the world of

RSS Feeds, that's no problem.

Within a few days of studying this crash course you will

become a true RSS publisher!And if your

nearest competitor already has a feed created?

I can almost guarantee you that they aren't using it


I can show you how to create one that will show up

for more searches, more often, and how to get the

best possible listing.