Free Templates vs. Premium Website Templates

Feb 3




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This article is all about Free web templates or premium web templates, which revolves around these points - Free templates are better of paid templates? How to choose web templates? And what kinds of templates are easy to find over internet.


Professionals around the world try to offer a good-looking website to their clients at very low prices because of competition. In the development process professionals usually use templates to save their time and money as there are myriad templates available on the internet these days. Some templates are free and some are paid whereas some are custom-made templates that are designed to meet the specific requirements of the client. So the question arises whether paid templates are better or free templates. These questions are legitimate and deserve a separate article below.

Which are better free templates or Premium templates?

Web development and designing is a competitive marketplace so professionals used to hone their skills with time to keep them updated and to win the client’s trust. Because of the competition,Free Templates vs. Premium Website Templates Articles and desire to get their site completed as soon as possible have lowered the prices of web development and designing. These conditions suggest developers go for a free template to save time and money. It’s the myth that free templates are no good but this is not always the case. But premium templates do have their own advantage like the quality of presentation, appearance, and customization help from the developer. But free templates are the obvious option for those who don’t want to spend money on the appearance of the website. 

What kinds of templates are out there?

Thousands of websites provide free templates and categorize them into different categories for the ease of customers. Some websites offer the service of tailored templates, one just needs to select the template and need to order the changes. One can easily find content management-based templates on the internet. As there are many companies that offer templates at a very large scale whereas some companies offer templates for particular cms like Joomla, drupal or WordPress. Professional companies can also find no-cost templates which are contemporary and have a smooth appearance. Some templates are designed to be flexible and can be used for a wide variety of websites. What kind of websites are out there?

There are many ways of deploying a website. Sites usually fall into three categories, some are static and useful content management systems and some are those that are custom-made. There is a number of content management systems out there in the market but some of them are very popular such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. It’s easy to find templates on the internet for these CMSs, so now a day these content management systems are preferred by most developers. The template generally controls the appearance of the website, while the core files of the CMS maintain the content, and cascading style sheets, Flash, and other web technologies.

Those who have the requirement of a Website benefit from the competition in the web industry. It has not only benefited site owners but also developers because they need to put less effort and time into making a website. Free templates often have the same quality as paid or even custom templates. Free templates and themes allow everyone a website that looks great at no cost.