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Are you looking out for a site that answers to all your problems? Are you searching for a directory? Then don’t go anywhere, the exact place for you to step in is

This site is such an informative site. It is simply amazing! It has all the information that you need. is a directory that is edited daily by professional personnel.

There are many peculiarities about this site. They have almost 14 topics and more than 42 subtopics that you can search for. Each of these headings and subheadings has links too.

The 14 headings,Guest Posting which dominate the site, are Arts & Humanities, Internet and Web Services, Blogs, News & Media, Business & Economy, Recreation & Sports, Computers & Internet, Reference, Science & Technology, Education, Shopping, Entertainment, Health and Society. The subheadings under each topic are:

1. Arts & History- There are 25 subtopics under this particular topic. They are art history, events, art web logs, humanities, institutes, awards, job and employment resources, museums, galleries and centers, booksellers, censorship, new and media, organizations, chats and forums, crafts, performing arts, criticism and theory, reference, cultural policy, shopping and services, visual arts, cultures and groups, design arts, web directories and education

2. Internet and Web services – There are 7 useful sub topics, which are design and development, service providers, domain name, guides, web hosting, tools & resources and search engine optimization.

3. Blogs – They have almost 12 subtopics. They are business, library, computer, news, electric, personal, education, politics, internet, science, law and technology.

4. News & Media – There are 33 subdivisions, which include vast topics like arts& humanities, law, literature, news for kids, automotive, business, college and university, outdoors, computer & internet, philanthropy, crime, politics and many more.

5. Business & Economy – The 26 subtopics are business & finance, history, intellectual property, business libraries, labor, law, business schools, chats and forums, marketing and advertising, news and media, classifieds, cooperatives and many more.

6. Recreation & Sports – Almost 21 subtopics are presently listed which are amusement and theme parks, hobbies, automotive, job and employment resources, aviation, magazines, booksellers, motorcycles, chats and forums, outdoors, pets, sports, television, events, dance, cooking, fitness, toys, travel, gambling, gardening and fitness.

7. Computers & Internet - There are 47 subtopics which are communications and networking, issues, Macintosh, magazines, computer generated music, computer science, mobile computing, multimedia, computers and technology web logs, contests, news and media, operating systems, organizations, people, countries, cultures and groups, conventions and trade shows, cyber culture, personal digital assistants(PDAs), games, graphics and many more.

8. Reference – There are almost 32 subtopics, which are general, health, almanacs, journals, maps, music, patents, codes, science, standards, FAQs, statistics, flags and thus the unending list goes on.

9. Education - It has almost 33 subtopics, which are journals, legislation, bilingual, bibliography, policy, literature, reform, equity, teaching, statistics, history, graduation and many more.

10. Science and technology – There are 30 subtopics in which some of them listed are animals, insects, pets, aeronautics and aerospace, science, technology, society studies, agriculture, life science, artificial life, information technology etc.

11. Entertainment – Some of the 42 subtopics listing are awards, radio, games, gambling, comedy, reviews, trivia, events, ecards, employment, sports entertainment etc

12. Shopping – There are 33 subtopics, which are music, beauty products, autos, books, jewelry, home and garden, holidays, pets, children, clothing, chemicals and many more.

13. Health – It has almost 47 subtopics in it, some of them are weight issues, men’s health, alternative medicine, nursing, midwifery, dental health, fitness, reference, first aid, reproductive health, sexual health, health care etc.

14. Society – Some of the subtopics out of 24 ones are advice, men, military, crime, activism, dating, death, people, ethnicity, subcultures, women etc

Thus with a vast coverage of almost all topics that are searched for, this site becomes the most chosen and useful site by all! Apart from these, it also has a search toolbar, which helps to search whatever you want and gives marvelous results. A unique feature about is that it allows you to add your website to its homepage and thus promoting your website too. This is the right place for you to enter for whatever information you want under the sun!

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