Crazy weight loss mantras for the most lazy!

Nov 24


Rajeev Sahadevan

Rajeev Sahadevan

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Weight loss is something which is really misunderstood by people. Everyone sees weight issues as related to the body whereas the real culprit is hiding behind it all in the form of our minds.


The body acts upon the command of mind and the real unhealthy phenomenon is a misdirected mind. We have to flip the script of our mind to see some actual changes and this is not related just to the body but also to a successful life.  

Fitness mantra

Fitness mantras or suggestions which are given to our minds play a huge role in the reshaping of our body. The result of weight issues starts from the mindset of a person and this has to change in order for the body to respond according to that.

The suggestions should be according to your understanding of yourself and also according to the science of weight loss. Some of them which can be adopted are:

  • ‘Change your mind change your body’: This one is a suggestion to the mind for initiating the first step towards a healthy life. It clearly defines the real problem of weight issues is our minds. Body is just a tool of our mind and the weight issue can be seen as rust in an unused tool. You may like Biosource Labs HCG Complex Diet Drops Reviews‘Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now’: this one worked for me big time as I remember whenever I had craving for my favorite monster food,Crazy weight loss mantras for the most lazy! Articles I would just give my mind this suggestion. It is from a little higher perspective which gives it the desired seriousness and influence.
  • ‘The question isn’t can you, it’s will you?’: this one is my favorite as this suggestion clearly states that we all have the ability to sharpen our body but the real focus is put on the willingness of our mind to pursue it.
  • ‘If you do what you have been doing you will get what you have always gotten’: I like this one as it is a sarcastic reminder on how we arrived at this state at the first place. This suggestion helps in making us moving from our couch and really giving it a go.
  • ‘Stop trying to lose weight’: this suggestion helps in bringing about a better view about the weight loss issue. People can focus on the being healthy rather than focusing on the aspect of weight reduction.
  • ‘You are not fat, you have fat’: This mantra is very effective to beat the negative self- talk which can cause some serious disturbance in our self-confidence. So whenever you feel that you are out of shape, just remember that you are not fat and that you have a certain degree of extra fat which can be flushed out systematically through a little effort.
  • ‘You can cheat tomorrow’: This is a tricky one as this is particularly effective when you have craving for your favorite meal. You can deal with it through this suggestion where you convince that you can cheat another day say a day with your friends but focuses on the point- but let me work it out now.

These are some of the mantras that can be used according to your craving and issues. These approaches can really take you far if you really listen to these. All that is standing in your way to being a healthier person is the control over you mind and consciousness and clear understanding of what you want. Wishing you a healthy living.