Easiest Exercise for Weight Loss from the World’s Healthiest Country – Radio Exercise

Dec 25


Chie Sanjo

Chie Sanjo

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Radio Taiso is the most well-known exercise program in Japan. It is short, easy, full of benefits, and has been passed down for more than 90 years. Let’s learn the secret of this super exercise and start our healthy routines today.


Japan's "Radio Taiso"

Radio Taiso (Radio Exercise) is the most famous exercise program in Japan. Although it is the Japanese national calisthenics that has been loved for more than 90 years,Easiest Exercise for Weight Loss from the World’s Healthiest Country – Radio Exercise Articles it has its roots in the "Setting Up Exercise" invented by an American company called Metropolitan Life Insurance. After discovering the successful launch of the "Setting Up Exercise" in the USA, Japan’s Health Insurance Bureau brought it back home and developed the content to suit Japanese people based on 2 aims; improving the physical strength of the public and maintain their health. In 1928, it was first broadcasted on radio in Japan.


7 Major Benefits of Radio Taiso

  1. Promote Blood Circulation
  2. Increase in Metabolism
  3. Burn Extra Fat
  4. Relieve Stiff Back and Shoulders
  5. Correct Distortions of Spine and Lower Back
  6. Increase Muscle Strength
  7. Promote Internal Organ Function


Composition of Radio Taiso

Radio Taiso is an aerobic exercise consisting of two parts, Part 1 (the first part) and Part 2 (the second part). Part 1 is 3 minutes and 13 seconds long, and Part 2 is 3 minutes and 8 seconds long, for a total of 6 minutes and 21 seconds. Each part is made up of 13 different sequences that affect 400 different body muscles. The program also stimulates muscles, joints, and bones that are not often moved in daily life. As a result, you can recover your body's original functions, prevent diseases and injuries, improve your constitution, and burn extra fat.


Radio Taiso Part 1 and Part 2

Radio Exercise Part 1 is designed to be easily practiced by people of all ages and does not include any strenuous exercises. It aims to relax the body muscles and to regain flexibility.

Radio Exercise Part 2 focuses on strengthening the body and aims to train muscles and activate internal organs. The movements become slightly more difficult to perform than Part 1, but once you get used to it, it won’t be a problem.

So, let’s dive into its benefits and efficacy!


Morning with Radio Taiso

If you have a hard time getting out of sleep in the morning, try to adopt Radio Exercise into your morning routine. It is easy, effective, and highly recommended as a morning workout. After waking up, have a light breakfast to activate your brain and internal organs before exercising, which will then improve blood flow and burn more fat. If you are busy and don't have time for running or walking in the morning, Radio Exercise will be a perfect choice. It doesn’t require a large scape and is only 6 and a half minutes long.


Boost Your Metabolism

A morning workout is strongly related to your daily calorie expenditure. Exercising in the morning raises your basal body temperature, which leads to a higher metabolism, making it easier for your body to burn fat. When the body is in a good metabolic state, the number of calories you burn when performing the same movements increases. By making morning Radio Taiso a habit, you can also develop your physical constitution.


Keep and Move Your Body in Good Balance

Radio Taiso allows you to move all the body parts in a well-balanced manner within a short time. Partial body strength training is usually very time-consuming. On the other hand, Radio Exercise can be a very easy and efficient program for people who are too busy.


Adjust Posture and Pelvis Position

If you are not getting enough physical activity, your muscles will become stiff, which causes poor posture and a distorted pelvis. The back-stretching movements in Radio Taiso help you improve posture and adjust the pelvis position.


3 Tips for Effective Radio Taiso

  1. Do It Three Times a Day
  2. Do It with Correct Forms
  3. Do Not Overdo It


1. Do It Three Times a Day

If you are doing this for weight loss, perform three times a day; morning, afternoon, and evening. However, if you are busy, reduce it to once or twice a day, depending on your physical condition. Radio Taiso is not an exercise that shows immediate results, but as you continue it every day, you will surely get distinctive effects.


2. Do It with Correct Forms

When you are just starting, watch the video and learn the correct forms. Listen carefully to the commands and breathe according to each movement. Stretch your fingers and perform every movement with care. Make sure that your muscles are moving properly and your joints are moving smoothly. Being in correct forms with synchronized breathing will make the exercise much more effective.


3. Do Not Overdo It

As with any workouts, you should never overdo it. Pushing yourself too hard may hurt or injure your body parts. The important thing is to maintain your own pace and keep going. Don't overdo it, and move your body within the limit of your physical strength.


Get the Ideal Body with Radio Taiso

Radio Taiso can be immediately practiced by anyone at any place. It is an easy exercise for healthy weight loss and physical constitution improvement. Start today and try to make it a habit. If it is difficult for you to continue alone, bring your family, friends, or colleagues, and enjoy it together!