How to Improve Your Results with Slimming Pills

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Many slimming pills on the market today do offer proven effectiveness to assisting weight loss.  And it’s not uncommon for people who use them to report results of slimming down to a healthy, manageable weight.  Unfortunately however, most folks don’t realize that a slimming pill is not supposed to be used as a magic bullet for weight loss.  That is not their intended purpose.  Their intended purpose is as a supplement to be used as an adjunct to your weight loss plan.  And to that end, I’m often asked what dieters can do to get the most from using diet pills

Diet supplements can help you kick start or maintain your weight loss program. But if you’re looking at a slimming pill as the easy way out,Guest Posting you’ll likely be disappointed in the long run. On the other hand, if you’re willing to put in just a little work, slimming pills can provide the extra boost you need to burn off those unwanted pounds, quickly.

Pick your pills carefully

Many of the supplements on the market are scientifically sound and do work as advertised; however, that’s certainly not true for all of them. Unfortunately, the truly safe and effective slimming pills are often overshadowed by a few unscrupulous manufacturers who make bogus claims. For this reason, it’s wise to do your research before you start popping pills.

If possible, talk with a doctor or nutritionist about your weight loss goals and your particular body type.  A health professional will be able to advise you as to the best course of action to take – and which slimming pills would fit best into that plan. They’ll also be able to tell you which pills are truly effective and which ones to avoid.

Lower your calorie intake

As you start your slimming pill regimen, take the opportunity to give your daily diet an overhaul. Take a look at your current diet and cut out any processed sugars or carbohydrates. Reduce foods that have a high fat or salt content, as these aren’t going to do you any good. Get ruthless about it – you can afford to be a little fanatical at the start.

Sodas, chips and candy bars are obviously a no-go, but also take a close look at sneakier areas. Alcohol, for example, can really pack on the pounds, so cut back or switch to a lesser evil with lower carbs, like red wine.   And if you happen to be a beer drinker, find a true low carb beer like Pure Blonde.  There are a lot of “low carb” beers available that really aren’t very low in carbs at all.  Do your due-diligence and check the label.

Eat small, balanced portions

Once you’ve “trimmed the fat”, so to speak, from your diet, you can start planning your new, healthy meals. Focus on including a wide variety of foods from all the food groups.  Make sure that you’re including breads and grains, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy, legumes, and fish, poultry and meat.  Stick to lean proteins as much as possible, supplementing meat at times with low-fat, high-fiber legumes.

Ultimately though, you can really enhance the effectiveness of those slimming pills by trimming down the portions you eat. Try eating smaller portions of food – like mini meals – more frequently throughout your day.  This will help to further speed up your metabolism.

Following the traditional three-meal schedule often means that your body is really hungry by the time you finally sit down to eat – and that means that you’ll often eat far more than you really need. By eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, you’ll better control the amount you consume.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

As much as possible, stick to a 60/40 diet plan: 60% fruits and vegetables and 40% protein and starches. Not only will all that natural fiber do wonders for your body, but you’ll also feel fuller as well. Your body will feel satisfied and contented, but it will be full of easily-digestible fruit and veg that won’t pack on unwanted pounds.

Drink lots of water

Slimming pills are going to be pulling the unwanted fat from your diet, and you can give them a major boost by keeping your system well-flushed with plenty of water. Drinking at least eight tall glasses of water each day will cleanse your system and keep you shedding those pounds.

In addition, drinking plenty of water will help to replenish your system and prevent dehydration. Slimming pills often will cause more frequent bathroom trips as your body eliminates the extra waste. That means you’ll be losing more water than usual, and it will need to be replaced frequently.

Get moving!

As wonderful as it would be to simply pop a pill and never have to move a muscle in order to lose weight, that’s not the way the body works – at least not in the long-term. Yes, you might shed some pounds initially, but if you really want your slimming pills to work for you, you’re going to have to get up and get moving. Wiggle it!

You don’t necessarily have to spend hours at the gym each day – though if you do, more power to you. You should, however, be putting in at least 30 solid minutes of low-impact exercise each day. Go for a brisk walk, swim some laps, pull out the old skipping rope or jump on the trampoline with your kids. Whatever you choose to do, make it vigorous and break a sweat.

Practice moderation

A major pitfall with any diet – and slimming pills are included here – is the tendency to binge. As you start on your pill and fitness regimen, you might be inclined to resign all the chocolates, cookies and treats to the garbage. While this might work for a little while, sooner or later the craving will strike, and most of us will blow our diet completely by consuming way more than we should.

Rather than cutting out the “treats” entirely, take the opportunity to teach yourself some moderation and self-control. Instead of throwing the chocolates out altogether, allow yourself one small square of dark chocolate, one cookie, or another small treat each day. Perhaps you’ll choose to indulge during your afternoon coffee break, or maybe you’ll savor your treat after dinner in the evening. However you choose to do it, giving yourself a little treat to look forward to will prevent you from over-indulging and blowing all your hard-earned progress.

Be patient – and do your part!

You didn’t put the weight on overnight, and you can’t expect it to melt off overnight either.  It can take a couple of weeks to see any change on your bathroom scales.  Remember that pills – while effective – are intended to be used as a supplement to a healthy overall lifestyle.  Slimming pills can help to kick start your new healthy lifestyle, and will provide a nice boost to your ongoing healthy choices, but if you really want the pills to be effective in the long-term, you’ll need to do your part as well.  The difference in result will be well worth it, and your family and friends will notice!

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