Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet - Pros and Cons

Oct 30


Oswald J. Eppers

Oswald J. Eppers

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The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet has been evolved as one of the most popular diet plans. After using this diet now for several months, it is time for critically review the pros and cons of this diet. As a conclusion, for most people the pros by far outweigh the cons and this healthy diet is considered as one of the best weight loss methods available.

During the past years,Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet - Pros and Cons  Articles the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet has been evolved as one of the most popular diet plans today. The diet advocates a theory called the Shifting Calorie or Calorie Shifting Theory. The idea behind Calorie Shifting is to increase our metabolism rate by stimulating our bodies to burn additional fat through giving signals that the calorie level is low. Based on personal experience and discussions with other people also using this diet, the cons and pros of Calorie Shifting are:  


1.  Without Commitment And Determination no Success
The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet claims to be the easiest solution for fast and sustainable weight loss but according to my experience, without commitment and determination you’ll never have the desired success. Even though, the diet is easy to implement and to follow, it’s up to you to comply with your diet plan or not. This diet is not just like a weight loss pill treatment where you throw in your drug and forget about the rest.

2. Claim of Losing 9lbs in 11 days is very difficult to achieve (if not impossible).
The diet claims that one will be able to lose as much as 9lbs in 11 days. Many people might be attracted by this number whilst others will be alerted that it sounds dubiously.

The weight loss success depends basically on the consequent application of the diet plan, the reduction of daily calorie intake and also physical activities.

From my personal experience, I decided to reduce my daily calorie uptake by 500 calories (accumulating to 3500 cal less per week) to achieve an average of 1900 cal per day. For a convenient planning of my daily diet plan, I used the Online Menu Planner that came with the Fatloss4Idiots handbook. With this strategy, I was able to loose 6 pounds in the first month, 4 pounds in the second and again 6 pounds in the third one (accounting for about 2.7 lbs in 14 days).  I achieved this weight loss without starving myself or increasing my physical activities.

I talked to 5 friends and relatives using the Fatloss4Idiots diet plan strictly already for more than three months and evaluated their dieting results.  As a conclusion, the average weight loss in 11 to 14 days was only 7.6lbs instead of the claimed 9lbs. All of the interviewed dieters were exercising more than usual during the application of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. Anyhow, I found it difficult to come up with an exact number as several evaluated persons did not control their weight on a daily basis.

I personally feel that the claim of losing 9lbs in 11 days is rather an exaggeration and maybe should be seen as an upper limit rather than the rule as only very few will be able to achieve this goal in just 11 days.

3.  No Permanent Weight Loss if not Continued

I recognized that once I stopped following the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet and tried to enter in my previous “routine” again, my weight started to increase again. Therefore, even though this diet plan does work and all people who used it really lose weight, it is not more than a temporary solution if you don’t adjust your lifestyle after dropping the extra pounds. Anyway, after experiencing the diet and adapting to the new eating habits, you’ll recognize how easy it is to continue with this diet and you will do it almost automatically.

4.    Other Cons:

  • There are no clinical studies presented on the official website
  • The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet does not apply any appetite suppressants (which are not natural)
  • There no formal fitness regimen addressed on the official website
  • The diet requires that you change quite drastically your daily eating habits.  Not everybody may be ready to manage this.


1. Simple Diet Plan

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a simple and unique weight loss diet that is learned via the official website with low start-up and no follow-up costs. I purchased/tried several other diet programs but this one really is different from each and every other diet program I know. The diet book contains loads of information about weight loss techniques and reading the book you recognize how easy it is to follow this diet. 

2. Healthy Diet Plan

Most of the people I talked to (and including myself) prefer a weight loss method that doesn’t use appetite suppressants or other expensive food supplements. As the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet does not exclude any food group, in contrast to other diets like the low carb, low fat, low cal etc., you don’t need to worry about unbalanced nutrition. This is probably the most healthy diet plan you’ll ever find.

3.    Highly Effective Diet without Starving Yourself

Even though the claim of losing 9lbs in 11 days is rather an exaggeration, experience shows people using this diet are losing weight very rapidly. It is in particular useful for people with a low metabolism who tried already other diet plans without success (including myself). With some more physical activities, it should be no problem to lose between 7 and 8 lbs in two weeks without too big effort and, most important – without starving yourself.

4.  Avoiding the feared Weight Loss Plateau and Rebound Effect

Weight Loss Plateau is a stage when after initial weight loss you are not losing pounds any more, independent on the consumed calories. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet with Calorie Shifting is a proven method to overcome this Weight Loss Plateau and to avoid the feared rebound of lost weight. Your body will receive different calories each day. One day you will consume 1500 calories and the next could be 1100 calories, derived from different types of food. This way your body does not establish any eating habit, it keeps burning calories and maintains high rate of metabolism even when you are eating less. The result is a faster weight loss, avoiding the feared Weight Loss Plateau and the Rebound effects.

This is the main reason why this diet is that successful. It targets your metabolism rate as the root of most weight problems, instead of simply reducing the calorie intake.

5.  Online Diet Generator

When purchasing the diet handbook, you’ll get access to an online diet generator. I found this tool very helpful and used it a lot for defining my daily menus. The diet generator creates 11 days of basic meal plans based on your food preferences.

As a conclusion, for most people using the fat loss 4 idiots diet the pros by far outweigh the cons. This is the explanation why this healthy diet is considered as one of the best and most powerful weight loss methods currently available.