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In Opera April issue of O she talk about her issues with food.

Oprah’s battle with food has been public,Guest Posting obvious and has lasted for years. I truly hope she has ended her war with food and will continue to succeed for the rest of her life! Time will tell.

I bought April’s O magazine to find out more!

I am pleased that Oprah has gone public, admitting that:

”I don’t like the term food addict, but I realize I’ve been one, and it has taken me years to learn (and unlearn) that the choices we make about what we put in our mouths are only stand-ins for the beliefs we carry in our minds and our hearts…A lot of us use food as drug – to hide from our feeling, to anesthetize ourselves, to escape.”

I was disappointed that she then focused on promoting a new book for someone else: Says Oprah, “This book is an opportunity to finally end the war with weight and unlock the door to freedom.”

I was really hoping to learn from Oprah’s discovery that she has an addiction to food. I was truly hoping to hear about what and how this discovery has and will help her lose her weight and keep it off for the rest of her life.

I didn’t.

Instead, I had the chance to read an excerpt from a new book, written by someone else, telling others how to lose weight.

I believe that many people have an addiction to food. I believe that for many this is the missing link in why they fail to lose weight and keep it off forever. I believe that if you or they fail to address your addiction head on, you are bargaining with a lifelong enemy that intends to win at all costs, that will play dirty, that is looking for its edge while you are awake and while you are asleep. It never rests. It waits patiently using whatever advantage it can muster.

By failing to address their addiction, they fail to DO what they need to DO to target those beliefs and behaviors that they need to permanently change so that they can achieve and sustain lifelong success in their war with Fat!

Successfully addressing addiction for the rest of your life can be done.

Admitting, in no uncertain terms, that you have an addiction to certain foods is an absolute first step.

If this is true for you: Admit it. Then develop the rest of your lifelong Fat Fight plan and get whatever support you need to succeed for the rest of your life..

To your life, to your wellness, you are worth it!

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Gary S. Grossman, Ph.D.

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