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Long, tedious diets are OK for some people, particularly when there's a lot to shed, but here's how to drop a jean, or a dress, size and make sure that your short diet works!

Long,Guest Posting tedious diets are OK for some people, particularly when there's a lot to shed, but most of us just want to drop a jean, or a dress, size so the important thing is to make sure a short diet is going to work!

First, and most important, you need to choose your particular diet. Diets work by ensuring that you eat less calories than you need and that way your body uses some of its stored fat and your weight goes down. Simple enough, so, for that reason, any diet that promises steady weight loss and which is a 'sensible' diet will be OK.

If you are not sure, have a look at some 'main stream' diets and chose one that you like the look of or one that lets you eat the sort of food that you enjoy. Remember, no matter what the recommendation, if your diet asks you to eat food that is either expensive or where most of the menu consists of food you don't like, or have never tried, then you are asking for trouble.

Now enlist some help. You can use a spouse (provided it is a genuinely helpful spouse) and/or a friend and tell them their job will be to help you by offering oodles of encouragement both when asked and at other times to suit themselves during the diet. If, while you do this, you can persuade someone to go on the diet with you then you are almost half way there already!

Now for the crucial part that will ensure success. You are going to enlist the aid of a very powerful helper - your own self!

Get a piece of paper and write down a promise about your diet like this:

"I intend to start my diet and exercise program on Wednesday, August 23rd 2007 and my goal is to lose a minimum of 10 pounds in 6 weeks from that date (so in 3 weeks I will have lost a minimum of 5 pounds).

When I have done this, I will be one size smaller and to celebrate I will spend a whole day being pampered at the local health club!"

Of course, make your start date a little more realistic (a week ahead will do fine) and put in the amount that you intend to lose but make it reasonable. About ten pounds is around a dress or jean size, especially if you can go a little over that. In terms of inches it will take about an inch off your hips/waist possibly a little more.

It is also important to set yourself a reward to have at the end. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as it is something that you want. Maybe you want something tangible, like a new watch, or something decadent like to spend the day eating chocolate, whatever it is make it a good one and ensure that you get it, even if it means putting money aside while you slim.

You will notice, too, that I slipped in two extra words: 'exercise program'! One thing that will make your diet go with a bang is to add in some serious exercise to help shift the pounds. It will also make you look and feel that little more full of life and help pull in some of the surplus skin around your middle.

So, look around and choose an exercise program to go with your diet. Again, any form of exercise is good but exercise tailored to slimming might be even better. If you are stuck, there are many CDs and DVDs that will help you or you can simply go to the local gym and enlist their help. Finally, if all else fails, resolve to walk for 30 minutes each day; walking is a good fitness and slimming exercise rolled into one!

So, now you have all the ingredients and are ready to roll but remember this is a team effort, you need the diet and you need the exercise so don't do one without the other and if you fall off either of them - don't worry! Just say that it's one of those things and happens to everyone, give yourself the day off and start back again tomorrow.

Remember, 6 weeks is not long and will soon pass and think what you will have to show for it at the end! But the most important advice is - simply put your head down and go for it!

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