Low Carb Dieting, Exercise And Weight Loss

Jul 20


Mohd Hizer Hasan

Mohd Hizer Hasan

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It is believed by many to lose weight we must combine low carb dieting with doing more aerobic exercise. They also believe by mixing these two methods, they will have a fast weight loss.


A lot of people believe that low carb dieting and doing more aerobic exercise is the ideal mixture for weight loss. Several people also might presume that by combining these two methods,Low Carb Dieting, Exercise And Weight Loss Articles a fast weight loss are likely possible. Nevertheless, the capability to balance these two methods may be a bit difficult as carbohydrates produces energy and the energy is required for your exercise.  All that mean is that you probably will not be able to exercise to the maximum because of the carbohydrates reduction. The following are ways that you can get around this difficulty.

Performing Exercises As A Way To Lose Weight

Once you start exercising, you will burn up calories. The more and harder you exercise, especially with your cardio workout, you will burn more calories. Our body will burn carbohydrates to obtain the energy needed for us to exercise. In the event your body have little carbohydrates, your body will begin to burn stored fat as energy. By burning the stored fat, you will gain weight loss. However, the burning of the stored fat will result in tiredness during your exercise.

How To Balance The Low Carb Dieting and Your Exercise

If you do not consume sufficient carbohydrates, you will find that exercising is a difficult task to perform and you will not be able to perform long and intense exercise because of the tiredness. This shows that the usage of stored fat as source energy is not effective. When this happens, you are required to reduce your exercise time and intensity. Reducing your exercise time and intensity in this scenario is a must because if you continue, you might collapse. Exercise only to the limit that you think your body can handle.

The Solution To Weight Loss Is To Burn More Calories

By eating more than what you burn, you will accumulate more fat in your body. To maintain you weight you need to burn the same amount as what you eat. The rule of thumb to lose weight is you need to burn more than what you eat. It doesn’t matter what you eat. Be it fat, carbohydrates and protein, the principle is the same. Burn more than what you eat to lose weight. As such, to have a low carb diet might not necessarily means that you will lose weight.

Having insufficient carbohydrates in your body will cause you to become extremely tired during your exercise. Your stamina will be severely reduced when you exercise and your stamina will be reduced quickly. Your exercise session will no longer be a lengthy one and most probably you will not be able to perform a low intense exercise for even 15 minutes. In this situation, your chance of losing weight is highly unlikely as a 30 minutes of brisk walking is required to effectively burn your body fat. This is the reason not to reduce your carbohydrate intake too much as our body requires carbohydrates to function.

Low carb dieting may help you to lose weight but not in the right way. You body need to have a balance meal to function and to burn calories. Low carb dieting will take away much of the required carbohydrates.

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