Mini Gastric Bypass Cost - An Affordable Weight Loss Solution?

Aug 15


Louis ZW Zhang

Louis ZW Zhang

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Find information on gastric bypass - types, before and after effects, cost. Find out who needs a gastric bypass and why.


There are various physical and mental problems that an obese patient has to suffer from. Hence,Mini Gastric Bypass Cost - An Affordable Weight Loss Solution? Articles even after trying so many methods if you cannot lose weight, it is better to consult your doctor for a gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. However, the high cost of bypass surgery may not seem to be affordable to all. So, mini gastric bypass cost will surely suit the budget of such patients.

A simple mini gastric bypass surgical procedure reduces excessive fats, calories and foods from small intestines. Generally, the cost of this surgery is around $17,000. Open incision and laparoscopic surgery are the two methods that are used to perform the surgery.

Since many insurance companies do not cover the expenses for gastric weight loss surgery, it is better to check with your insurance company before you opt for any of the surgical methods.

If your insurance company does not pay for such surgeries then going for a mini gastric bypass surgery would be a much better option. As a traditional bypass surgery generally costs around $24,000, a "mini" surgery will help you lose at least some weight at a much lesser cost.

Conversely, there are a few insurance companies who would cover the cost for this mini or traditional gastric bypass surgery only if a person is qualified. A person must be overweight by a minimum of 100 pounds to be qualified.

Also, the individual must have previously demonstrated a constant effort to reduce their weight through changes in his/her lifestyle like exercise and diet. The person must also not have any history of depression, psychiatric disorder or alcohol abuse. Not to forget, it is also necessary for the person to be obese for a minimum of 5 years before the surgery to become a qualified patient to ask for an insurance claim to cover the cost of a gastric bypass surgery.

Apart from the monetary cost, there is also emotional and physical cost involved. However, even if you compare the emotional and physical cost of the mini procedure to that of the traditional procedure, the latter supersedes the former. Therefore, the pain and time involved in the mini procedure is comparatively lesser as compared to the traditional gastric bypass surgery.

The main reason that reduces the monetary mini gastric bypass cost and the pain involved in this method is that the various incisions used in this method are very small. These incisions are made inside the abdomen and a laparoscope is used along with specifically designed instruments for the surgery. So, for a cost-effective weight loss, mini gastric surgery is undoubtedly a good option to be considered. Source: Simplegastricbypass dot com, Louis Zhang

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