The Buzz Around The Venus Factor

Dec 10


Oded Levy

Oded Levy

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There is a buzz today in the online weight loss community and it is around The Venus Factor. This weight loss program is a 12 week program that separated to 3 parts, 4 weeks for each part. It is the only weight loss program today that is designed only for the female body.



The female body has less muscle cells then men and more fat cells especially around areas like the hips thighs and belly. Smaller amount of muscle cells and higher percentages of fat,The Buzz Around The Venus Factor Articles affect the feminine metabolism while working out or resting. According to these facts, men tend to lose more energy than women, in the same kind of workout. Women will gain more weight than man, even if they consumed the same amount of food. While resting or in a static mode such as office job, one pound of muscle cells will burn 3 times more energy than fat cells. 

The female body is genetically designed to have more fat around the waist, hips and thighs in order to protect the baby in the future. Many women today spend many hours behind the desk in their day jobs, food is more excessive than ever, and going to the gym regularly seem to be impossible in a tight schedule. Women are gaining weight in the western world more than ever, and it is become very difficult to lose these extra pounds after they have been added.

That is why it is important to have a weight loss program that will be designed for women only, since they have different needs and abilities than men. In the Venus Factor you will get a custom made diet program that will guide you what types of foods such as herbs, fibers and vitamins your body need in order to lose weight more effectively. You will also learn about the hormone Leptin that responsible to tell the brain when to be hungry or full. In many over weighted women the connection between the signal of Leptin and the brain is not functioning right. So when the hormone is trying to tell the brain to stop eating, the brain does not get the signal. This is called Leptin resistance, and it is one of the main problem in over weighted women. If you will be able to solve this resistance, you will star losing weight faster and better. In the diet plan of the Venus Factor you learn what types of food will help you to control Leptin levels in your blood and how to overcome this resistance.

This diet plan will be followed by an easy to follow step by step working out program videos, that will focus in burning fat right in the critical areas such as the hips tight, waist and belly and gain the well-shaped body you aim to get. If you feel that the exercises a little bit difficult for you, you can always change and adjust it to fit you own needs.

You will also get access to the venus factor online community where you can chat share and follow other users experiences and get a feedback from real people who are going through the same process as you. Currently the venus fac is tor$47 onetime fee. No extra devices or supplements are needed. You will not need to spend more than the products price. There is also a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied from the product for any reason, you can get your money back within 57 days! So no risk is involved at all