The Different Classes of Ephedra Diet Pills

Aug 16


Martin Christensen

Martin Christensen

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Ephedrine, Ephedra, Extract are you confused about the many names and which diet pill to choose? Then read on because in this article we will give you are much more clear picture on the types of Ephedra diet pills that are on the market today!


Not only you have to deal with hundreds of different product names another thing is all the confusion about which type of Ephedra the diet supplements are containing you should choose.

Ephedra used in today´s diet pills derives from more than 32 different types of plants and they are all different from each other and that in general gives you 3 different types of Ephedra when you are buying diet pills.

Plants like Nevadensis and Viridis are categorized as type 1 Ephedra plants.

Most Ephedra products on the market today come from those 2 plants. What is specific about type 1 is that they do not contain any Alkaloids at all and therefore no Ephedrine is present. Type 1 is the weakest fat burner of the 3 categories. Products that claim 50,The Different Classes of Ephedra Diet Pills Articles 75 or even 100 mg of Ephedra are usually type 1 Ephedra Extract and not the same as the real stuff.

Classical Ephedra Sinica, Ma Huang or Sida Cordifolia is what we can call type 2 Ephedra. And type 2 is basically what you are looking for when it comes to promoting the best possible weight loss. What is characteristic about those plants is that they do contain Alkaloids around 2 to 4% and those Alkaloids contains between 10 and 40% Ephedrine which is the best fat burning ingredient possible. A diet pill like Green Stinger is a perfect example of a type 2 Ephedra diet pill.

Last we can mention Ephedrine in its pure form as being a type 3 diet pill. It is legal to buy Ephedrine in the United States but depending on which state you are living in restrictions do occur. Vasopro is a perfect example of an Ephedrine diet pill and is available on the market.

When you look around you can usually see it on the label what type of Ephedra or Ephedrine the diet supplement contains, but in some case the manufacture tries to cover it up under fancy names, if they do that it is very like a type 1 product and you should aim for type 2 or 3 the get most out of your diet.

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