Vitamins to aid in weight loss

Mar 19


Greg Frost

Greg Frost

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Weight loss is a sensitive issue especially in this ‘beauty-glorified’ world we live in today. However, people often associate weight loss with exercise or with loss weight pills, but do you know that vitamins can help you loss those extra kilos too?


When you think about weight loss, you will tend to consider only about an exercise program to burn your fats away or the tasteless and raw foods that you plan to eat. You might also have considered buying the diet drug that you saw at the pharmacy. However,Vitamins to aid in weight loss Articles did it ever come across your mind that vitamins might help in weight loss?


Our body requires vitamins and it can be easily obtained from the foods we eat or dietary supplements. Vitamins are very important and there is absolutely no way a person can sustain his life without the presence of necessary vitamins.


Believe it or not, there are vitamins that aids in weight loss. They are mainly vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin B complex and vitamin C. These B vitamins help to convert carbs into glucose, after which they are burned to produce energy for the body. With this in mind, you are encouraged to consume foods, which consist of these highly beneficial vitamins. Each of these vitamins has different functions.


Just to name a few:


Vitamin B2 or also known as Riboflavin is highly required for increased metabolism. You are encouraged to consume more hard cheese, milk and almonds for a healthy intake of Vitamin B2. Next is the B3 vitamin. This vitamin is necessary for normal thyroid hormone production. Leafy green vegetables and eggs are a good source of this vitamin. You can also choose to include wheat bran, meat and salmon. Vitamin B5 is necessary for the production of energy. Good sources of B5 include liver, poultry, nuts and whole grain bread.


It is best that you consult the doctor or your dietitian if you are unsure as to what to include in you meal to ensure sufficient intake of these weight loss vitamins.


Other than natural vitamins that can be found in the food we eat, you can choose to have an extra dose of vitamin through the needles. Vitamin B12 injections are a usual sight at weight loss clinics. The B12 works by boosting your metabolism. As such, this would cause you to digest food faster and burn more calories just by sitting there! With more calories burnt, you will store lesser calories as fat.


At the same time, B12 is energy giving and hence it gives you an energy boost. Most people do not exercise because they are just plain tired after a long day at work. So, with the extra energy, you will feel more energetic and you can afford to exercise more! 


You can also choose to take vitamin pills, but remember, vitamin pills are not energy pills! They do not carry any energetic value so remember not to substitute the necessary intake of carbs, fats or carbohydrates with just vitamin pills!

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