What does Research Say About Milk and Weight Loss?

Oct 4


P. Ekleberry

P. Ekleberry

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Do you still think that by drinking milk you will lose the weight. Is milk a staple of your current weight loss program? Are you sure it should be? Does milk really help promote weight loss? Find out by reading.............


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Milk and weight loss - does it go together? We have all seen the milk commercials that promote milk as a good way to lose weight,What does Research Say About Milk and Weight Loss? Articles but does it really work. Researchers now have tested this theory out - find out more by reading......

Milk and Weight Loss in the News

The Natural News had this to say about milk and weight loss, '"There is no evidence that dairy consumption helps people lose weight, according to a study conducted by researchers published in the journal Nutrition Review."

Researchers Reviews On Milk and Weight Loss

The researchers reviewed the results of 49 different clinical trials that examined the connection between either dairy or calcium supplement consumption and the changes that occur when you do consume dairy products or take calcium supplements. The results were over-whelming. Out of the studies the following was recorded:

- 41 studies showed no weight

- 5 showed a correlation with weight loss

- 2 showed an actual weight gain

- 1 study found no impact on weight but a decrease in the accumulation of body fat.

This is verifiable testing that shows milk and weight loss do not necessarily go hand in hand. When you partake of dairy products, researchers have found out that you also consume more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. With these great choices, you will lose weight faster and easier. All of these things have complex carbohydrates instead of the over-processed carbohydrates that are found in white breads and bleached white grains and white rice. Women who have higher dairy or calcium consumption also are less prone to smoke or drink. Those same women are also more likely to exercise and take vitamin supplements.

The Direction of a Good Weight Loss Program

This research goes a long way to point you in the direction of a good solid weight loss program instead of just picking what you think will work and hope for the best--like milk and weight loss . Instead of listening to the dairy industry, which has a vested interest in touting the supposed weight-loss benefits of milk and weight loss, you need to choose a weight loss plan that encompasses good eating habits along with exercise.

Many health experts advise that rather than expecting a single product to function as a miracle food, those wishing to lose weight should instead focus on a balanced, healthy diet with consistency.

You and Your Weight Loss Program

So what should your weight loss program possess? When you decide on a good weight loss program, it should not only fit your lifestyle it should contain a good variety of good, healthy foods. By choosing a weight loss program that does not incorporate a variety of menu choices, you are limiting your success. Who wants to eat the same thing day after day? Not me - Not you. Generally speaking, if you can retrain your brain to eat healthy meals, stop the munching all day and eat when you are hungry instead of eating when you are bored, stressed, depressed, lonely or sad, then you will succeed!

Steps of Healthy Weight Loss Program

Following these simple steps to your weight loss program will catapult your weight loss into the double digits!

1.) Find a program that fits your lifestyle.

If you are not fond of cooking, a diet plan that requires you to cook will not work! Don't choose a weight loss program or diet plan that requires you to eat something you can't stand or do something you are not willing to do, this is self defeating.

Hint: Nothing will excuse you from exercising and improving your eating habits. If you do not exercise and change the way you eat, you are not going to lose the weight you want to very fast.

2.) Decide the "why" - you have to have a motivating reason why you want to lose weight. If your reason is not motivating enough to stop food in mid air - find another one! There will be times that your reason why will be the only thing that motivates you to exercise, eat less and eat healthy - Get a good one!

3.) Make sure you are healthy enough to go on the program you have chosen!

Before going on any weight loss program, please check with your family doctor first. Sometimes there are under-lying problems that hinder your success.

4.) Choose a diet that makes sense. One that is healthy and has plenty of options If you are contemplating taking weight loss supplements - either in the form of a weight loss pill or weight loss patch.- Please take the time to check them out. Some companies have tested their products in a double blind test - look at the test results before using their products. Don't trust the companies that have not gone through this process. The good ones have tested their products to insure their safety as well as their results.

5.Above all - carry through. You must continue along the weight loss path to succeed.

This is the hardest things to do - to carry through with your plans. How many times have you decided to do something and then dropped it like a hot potato because it did not work fast enough or it was not fun enough. Buckle down - just do it. It has to be done for your health's sake so just do it!

6.) Enlist a support person, group or friend. With the right support you can move mountains!

7.Give yourself some praise. You are taking one of life's hardest journeys - the weight loss journey. Losing weight just takes some time and committed dedication. You are worth it - you are worth every calorie you don't put in your mouth - you are worth every moment you exercise. After all, if you do not take care of yourself - who is?