A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

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do you know what is true friend?

A story called A Little Princess has touched me deeply. It has made me realize that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

The story is about a little princess whose name was Sara. Sara was born in a rich and warm family. She lived with his beloved father. When she was seven,Guest Posting she was sent to a school far away from her hometown. The headmaster Ms Minchin was a dominant and unfriendly person. She was only nice to those rich people. So Sara became Miss Minchin’s favorite student because she was the richest girl in the school. Sara made friends soon and got along well with other students. Four peaceful years went by.

One day, horrible news came and shocked Sara at her birthday party. One of her father’s friends had run away with all his money, which made her father’s state of an illness become much worse. Soon Sara’s father passed away. Sara became an orphan without any wealth. Ms Minchin was enraged by the news, and then she threatened to drive her away immediately. Luckily, a lawyer persuaded Ms Minchin to take her in.

Poor Sara was forced to lead a tough life. Some of her “friends” were no longer with her and they even laughed at her. But Ermengarde, who was a poor girl as well, treated Sara as kindly as before. She usually came into Sara’s room and brought her food. Finally, Sara realized who her real friend in her life was.

Everyone will meet and make friends with countless people in their life. There may be two kinds of friends, fair-weather friends and bosom friends. The second ones are difficult to find.

A fair-weather friend may make up to you without pure motivations. It is to satisfy their advantages, just like Ms Minchin. You might be pleased and believe in his words. Although he may be jealous and possessive in character, you can get along well with him provisionally. He would be very close to you when you were successful and rich. However, when you were reduced to a loser, he would leave you without hesitation. He just shares in your wealth and success, but never in failure and poverty.

On the contrary, a bosom friend would treat you with true love even when you were in poverty, just like Ermengarde. He would know what you need and go out of his way to help you. Your friendship would not be based on money or gold. You feel safe to share your secrets with him. He would always be ready to help you get out of trouble. He would also be honest to point out your mistakes to help you get improved. He needs not to keep in touch with you all the time, but he would always be there when you were in trouble. You help each other rather than make use of each other.

There is a saying, “True friends are like diamonds (http://www.dinodirect.com/jewelry-watches/ ), precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.” I wish everyone to own a lot of bosom friends. If you do, that will be your god-given luck. Cherish him as well as you can! If you do not, don’t be upset. Business your confidence and treat others sincerely. You will no longer be lonely.

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