How to Keep Your Glasses From Falling

Mar 2


Jordyn Whitman

Jordyn Whitman

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If you rely on reading glasses, prescription glasses, or sunglasses, you definitely encounter the struggle of keeping them safe and nearby your person with or without an eyeglass holder. What do we usually do when they’re not in use?


You can put them on your head, How to Keep Your Glasses From Falling Articles right? But the nose pads tangle in your hair, or you poke an eye out with the arms! Okay, just slide them into the collar of your shirt for now. Well, except now they’re stretching the collar out, and who wants that? Fine, just slide them into your shirt pocket.

But now you’ve leant over and they fell right out onto the ground! Great, there’s probably a scratch on the lens. You need those lenses! Okay, okay. Put them in your pants pocket! However, you could accidentally sit on them, or bump into something, and before you know your lens pops out! What a mess. I guess you could put them in their bulky glasses holder case and toss them in your bag, or set them on the counter, but how often do you leave the case, only having to retrace your steps to find the glasses when you need them? Or they’re at the bottom of your bag now, and wow this process is really tedious all of the sudden.

These are the exact instances Rick Hopper encountered with his glasses. What to do? Well, Hopper has always been a fan of inventing ways to make life more efficient. Just ask his pizza parlor boss when he was a teenager, always re-arranging for easy access and efficiency. And he never stopped! His most recent endeavor was creating the ReadeRest: a small yet strong eye glass holder that kept his specs nearby, safe from damage, and held onto the integrity of clothing. He made his first after being fed up at work when his glasses kept falling off his shirt onto the ground. With bent paper clips and a few magnets, the ReadeRest was born. He decided to order the right equipment, strong yet lightweight, and got to work making each by hand to sell at trade shows and festivals for other glasses wearers of the world. Right off the bat, these eyeglass holders were a big hit.

He sold out within 6 months! It was a fast selling product, but he needed some help. So he sought out the help of Shark Tank to get the products moving again. They loved it, and he quickly teamed up with Lori Greiner to take his magnetic eyeglass holder to the next level. The eye glass holder was once again in production and he was again selling out fast! 

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