Belief is individual truth

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What you believe in is the truth from your own choices and perception.

Looking towards another person and viewing into their eyes,Guest Posting one can see their inner truth that comes from their heart over what they believe in and find important.  This shows the foundation for their understanding and experiences, and most importantly their choices in life.  Through their eyes is a sort of spark that tells the other person that they have truth in their order of life and existence.  Some might look to people who believe in things that do not have a practical means and representation as being crazy and inconsistent, but what they forget is that within the hearts of these people these things do exist and hold a strong formation in reality. 

A woman she looks to another who has a great love for Jesus and the bible and she asks this woman why she believes in the words of such a man who might not have existed, based on writing that has been changed over the centuries, written in words from many lifetimes ago.  This woman with her own spark of understanding in her eyes responds that her beliefs are inside her and that she knows it to be truth within herself.  In all essence this is truth to this woman, Jesus and the bible exist within her heart and it is based on her own need for truth and understanding.  Just because this man and prophet from the past does not now walk the earth, does not mean that he does not exist within the heart of many upon the earth, and that it might very well be possible that he was once existing as with many other writers of history, who have long since died in body from the earth that we know.

A man comes to another man, he says I believe in Aliens and that some day in the future they are going to come and be in contact with us here on earth.  Most look to this man as crazy and strange in his wording for the fact that he can not show facts for all of his beliefs and feelings.  Although these facts are not seen in the present, just as the writing of the past cannot be acknowledged anymore to a person who is alive, does not mean that this is not truth within the heart of this man.  These things exist in this man as real and from this fact alone it becomes his reality.  Although we cannot see aliens to be true, just having it in our mind gives it the power of presence and the ability to be possible.

Truth comes not always from real momentary facts.   It comes from within the individual person and what they hold strong to in their heart.  It is what defines their character and their purpose for life to drive them towards achieving all that they wish and desire.  Choice is the key to defining these truths and comes from an individual’s desire to believe on basis of knowing within that it is the path that they wish to follow.  The teaching behind the information is what is important, and is a representation of a chosen life that they agree to lead.

A woman she comes to another who says that in the future their will be a golden age where everybody on the earth will rise up and be in a new dimension of existence.  Although these words can not at present be defined on reasoning and understanding.  These things are future and past related and cannot be defined in the now moment as being of foundational truths.  However in the heart of the person representing the information, it is a truth and can become a possibility of the future in their eyes, defined on their own beliefs and hopes for a future paved in positive optimism.

Is it bad to believe in hope, to have dreams that there will be a great happiness and a golden age of discovery?  No, it is not bad to dream, desire and believe.  Questioning whether these things are factual is not the true representation for what these dreams stand for.  Future and past are not present in the now, but they are the guides to which we follow in order to find a purpose and goal, for achieving all that we can individually fulfill.

Beliefs are defined within the philosophy and words themselves and are based on choice, and individual truth.  Future and past are possibility guided by our choices in order to view the world on a path that we wish to follow.  They are not now moment facts but they are possibility coming from the heart of whoever wishes to follow and seek a way towards new experiences and discoveries.

By Stacey T Pollock

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