Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette

Jun 29


Paula Johns

Paula Johns

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Despite the many preconceived notions many individuals have about gentlemen’s clubs, the patrons of such establishments are in fact gentlemen and ladi...

Despite the many preconceived notions many individuals have about gentlemen’s clubs,Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette Articles the patrons of such establishments are in fact gentlemen and ladies who follow certain protocols to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone at the club.  There is an etiquette to how one conducts him or herself when inside the club.

This guide was created to help anyone who plans on attending any type of event at any Las Vegas-style Club.  After all you don’t want to come across as a neophyte in such a place, and it is best to keep your wits, but perhaps not your cash about you.
  1. Bring cash - sorry gentlemen, but cash in the form of bills are preferred.  In some clubs you may be able to charge your drinks, but it is best if you show up with some cash.  The ATMs in the clubs tend to have exorbitant surcharges.  Also plan on leaving with a lot less money than you came with.  There tends to be a correlation with how empty your wallet is at the end of the evening with how much you have enjoyed yourself at the club.
  2. Dress appropriately - It’s the dancers job to strip or dance in provocative outfits, not yours.  So please be fully-clothed.  Gentlemen--please wear slacks and a collared shirt.  Ladies--please don’t try to compete with the dancers.
  3. Count your drinks - Gentlemen’s clubs are not fraternity houses.  If you plan on binge drinking, please go back to your Alma Mater.  If you drink too much you will not be able to appreciate what the dancers have to offer.
  4. Observe tipping customs and club norms - The tipping norms vary from club-to-club.  In one club it may be appropriate to tip a dancer by placing a bill in her garter, at others tips are set down at the edge of the stage.  You may even find patrons balling up the bills and tossing it at the dancer.  These tipping customs are generally influenced by ordinances in certain locales that enforce minimum distance rules.  It may seem odd, but it’s better to draw attention in a gentlemen’s club by being a big spender versus not knowing how to spend.  Also keep in mind that tipping the bouncer and the DJ curries favor.  These employees will let you know what you need to know at the club.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - after all this is a business transaction.  The dancers will let you know what is involved for each service, where you can and cannot touch her, and most importantly how much it will cost.
  6. Remember the dancers are ladies, who may strip as a part of a routine.  They are not strippers who happen to dance.  As highly-skilled dancers, they deserve to be referred as such.
  7. Don’t be afraid to say no - let me reiterate that this is a business transaction.  Some dancers can be aggressive saleswomen.  You’re not out on a date with these women.  A polite “not now, perhaps later” will suffice.  Also showing favor for a particular dancer is encouraged, but...
  8. Remember you really can’t expect sex from any of the dancers at the club.  Chris Rock said it best: “There is no sex in the champagne room.”  Also don’t ask any for a date; you’ll be politely refused.  However it is definitely a compliment if a dancer asks you out.

If you follow these eight basic rules and temper your expectations but not your spending, you are guaranteed an amazing time at a gentlemen’s club.  

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