Gifts for Men: How to Give a Superior Gift

Nov 24


Adam Michaels

Adam Michaels

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If you really want to give the men in your life gifts that they love, you need to learn to look beyond the "hot items" for the season, holiday, and so on.  This article discusses three popular gifts for men and give a far superior alternative that he'll never forget.

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At one time or another we are all on the lookout for great gifts for men.  The usual approach is to find out what the most popular Christmas gifts for men are this season,Gifts for Men:  How to Give a Superior Gift Articles and then pick one of these to give.  Each year there are usually popular Birthday gifts for men too.  Choosing from the popular gifts is a sure way to get a gift he’ll like, right?  Actually, this isn’t always the best way to shop for gifts.  Often the so called popular gifts aren’t really the gifts guys want the most.  More often than not, they appear popular because expensive advertising campaigns make them seem popular.  The truth is, these gifts are usually unoriginal and not particularly thoughtful.  In this article, we will review three of the most popular gifts for men, and discuss alternative experience gifts, which are sure to impress him more.

New Tools – New tools have long been a standard gift choice for men.  Although this gift is quite practical, it isn’t necessarily something with the potential to make him happy.  Besides, if he already has tools which work, does he really need new ones?

A Better Idea:  So he likes to work with his hands?  Perhaps you should instead give him an experience in which he’ll get to work with his hands.  Consider an experience gift that he might enjoy.  Perhaps he’d like a day learning to blow glass, or maybe he’d get a kick out of a pyrotechnic workshop or appreciate woodworking lessons.  Giving him a chance to try something new is a unique gift alternative.

New Golf Clubs – A common gift for golfers includes new clubs or training aids.  There are all kinds of trainers and golf gadgets to purchase.  Unfortunately these generally don’t get much use before they are replaced by the next new thing or are simply set aside to collect dust.

A Better Idea:  If golf’s his game, then you know he’ll appreciate anything that will help him improve.  Gadgets and gimmicks will only get a golfer so far.  What he really needs is professional golf instruction.  Why not surprise him with private lessons from an actual PGA golf pro?  These lessons can be purchased for much less than new clubs:  prices start as low as $129.

New Clothes – Clothing is a gift given to many guys during the holidays.  Whether it is a holiday sweater or a new tie, you can be sure that he would rather have something else.  The truth is, unless you have a very good idea of the size and styles he prefers, you’ll likely be buying him something he won’t really want to wear.

A Better Idea:  Dressing your man up in new clothing might be a good way to keep him looking great for his boss, but you could do better.  Consider giving him an experience gift which will help him get a little more cultured while having a great time.  Wine and food tasting experiences are a great choice.  Not only will he learn a lot about different wines while touring vineyards, but he’ll gain the knowledge, which will allow him to order a perfect wine on his next business date.

These are only a few of the experience gifts available today.  As a general rule, experiences are much more rewarding than material things.  So the next time you are looking for the right gift, try to think outside the box, and find him something he can do instead of something he can use.  You can be sure that he’ll never forget an experience gift, and he’ll certainly be grateful that you took the time to find something so unique for him to enjoy!

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