How to Deal with a Bad Roommate

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We have all been there.  Bad roommates can be seriously problematic,Guest Posting especially when renting an apartment in Atlanta with limited space.  First, let’s talk about what a bad roommate does, and then we’ll discuss how to combat it.  Also, this will help you make sure you are not the bad roommate!  Bad roommates will typically: never clean the apartment, invite friends over at all hours of the night without asking, blast loud music at 7am while showering, eat all of your food without asking, be possessive of your time and attention, borrow clothes and return them with stains and tears, have constant drama, never water the plants, never walk the dog and dominate TV time because of their obsession with the Jersey Shore.  If you are this person, quit reading.  If you are dealing with this roommate, go ahead and keep reading. 

            Now you have one of two choices: you can take the high road or the low road.  There are three suggestions for each road.


            If you are choosing the high road:

1.      Try to communicate your feelings with them, but be firm.  Suggesting that he or she should clean won’t work.  The roommate needs to be told in no uncertain terms that the behavior is inconsiderate and irresponsible.

2.      Write a passive-aggressive note: something like “I’m not your mom/maid/girlfriend, so clean up your stuff.”

3.      Deal with it until your lease is up, employ an apartment finder and get a better, bigger place with someone awesome.


            If you are choosing the low road:

1.     If your roommate is clingy and you have mutual friends, you can make plans with your roommate and your friends.  Back out suddenly and enjoy your worry-free night at the apartment alone.  Doesn’t it feel nice to breathe without inhaling your roommate’s exhale?

2.     Give the roommate a taste of his/her own medicine.  You can do this by doing any of the aforementioned annoyances.  When he/she complains, you can make your case… or just hold up a mirror.

3.     Tell your roommate that there is an infestation of (insert bug here) in the area and they are attracted to uncleanliness.  To prevent the bugs’ descent upon your apartment, you all need to label all foods with dates (and names, while we’re at it), bleach the bathrooms, vacuum, dust and do dishes.  These bugs also have a serious attraction to fist-pumping, loud music and hoards of people, so you’d better knock that off too. Adjust this story according to your roommate’s IQ.

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