4 GREATEST MYTH of Women Orgasm

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This is ... that you really need to know: 4 GREATEST MYTHS of Women ... I start off, let's define women orgasm. It is the peak of sexual arousal when all the muscles that were tightene

This is something that you really need to know: 4 GREATEST MYTHS of Women Orgasm!

Before I start off,Guest Posting let's define women orgasm.
It is the peak of sexual arousal when all the muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal relax, causing a very pleasurable feeling that may involve the whole body. During orgasm, many women's heart rates skyrocket, their breathing quickens, and their blood pressure rates increase; muscles throughout their bodies spasm, but mostly those in the vagina, uterus, anus and pelvic floor.

Sound dangerous? It isn't. In fact, most women who have had an orgasm will tell you that it's a pleasurable feeling.

To put it mildly, orgasms feel good. During orgasm, chemicals called endorphins are released into the bloodstream. They cause pleasant sensations to ripple through the body, but they also make many women feel happy, giddy, flushed, warm, or sleepy.

Women love orgasm as much as men do. Unfortunately, for most women, this feeling is hard to come by. Actually, it's not hard. Lack of sex information is part of the reason. It's but misconceptions on orgasm are the scapegoat. In this report, I am going to show you the 4 greatest myths of women orgasm.
If you get yourself trapped by the myths, you are denying the orgasm she deserves.

Myth no.1
Women SHOULD Reach Orgasm during Intercourse.

Even in the new millennium, this is still a persistent myth. Many people even refer to orgasms during intercourse as the only "right way" to get there. This is the ideal you'll always see in film or print. The reality is that very few couples ever experience simultaneous orgasms during intercourse. In fact, less than 35% of sexually active women in the Western World can indeed climax during intercourse. The vast majorities of women never have an orgasm during intercourse, simultaneous or otherwise and probably never will!

Why is that so?

The problem is with the timing. Orgasms come much easier and faster for most men than for most women. Women need steady stimulation for a longer period of time than men need. Men, however, are not to be blamed for climax too fast. It's just that the women's bodies are programmed to cum at a later time!

The fact is women need sufficient caress and foreplay for a period of 20~40 minutes before any penetration would become excited. Unfortunately, most men don't have the patient to wait for it to happen. How can she achieve the heightened arousal and desire the same time men are building toward his, or even quicker? This is when sex enhancement product comes in.

If you are one of the few women out there who can respond easily with his touch, get aroused fast and have no problem orgasm, you can forget about having any enhancement cream. If you are like most of the women whose sex drive are low, who take too long to get aroused and who constantly think they won't get there(even if they long for it), you definitely need Alura™, which is what I claim to be the BEST SEX ENHANCEMENT CREAM in the world!

If you are a man reading this myth, face the fact! If you can't control your pace, use something safe, with instant effect to speed up her arousal and PROVE ME WRONG with the myth!

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Leo L.

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