7 types of Comfortable Heels for Women

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Want to wear heels but feel uncomfortable? Here we bring to you seven most stylish and comfortable types of heels including wedges, kitten heels and more to give a try.

We can understand how hard it becomes to resist a smart pair of heels. But,Guest Posting you have to- because the pain after wearing will take so long to heal. Sure, every pair of new footwear takes the time to get in, but still there are pairs not comfortable to one and all.

In the spirit of pursuing soothe in fashion, we bring you a fool-proof strategy to ensure your heels are among the most comfortable heels

1. Platform Heels

Platform heels are meant for those who want to look curvy and taller in the simpler way. These heels offer you a balanced appeal and make you look perfect. It is similar to wearing midi-height heels, but as a substitute for bringing your heel lower, you are bringing the sole of foot closer to the sky through the platform. Wear mini dress with platform heels to polish up your look.

2. Wedge Heels

Wedges for women are stylish and comfortable as they provide a solid base for your entire feet and thus, keep you at ease. You can literally run wearing them.


3. Kitten Heels

Girls, it is not always about wearing high heels even when you are least in the mood of prank! Kitten heels can be a great way out for women. Give a try to printed pieces also. For maximum comfort, choose back strapped kitten heels.


4. Block Heels

 Block heels combine all the features like modern, sexy yet elegant- all that every woman should have. Due to their wide base, block heels are more balanced as compared to other pointed heels and pamper your heels too.


5. French Heels

French Heels are crafted considering the ease factor in mind. They are a bit curvy whilst providing full back support to your heels. Due to their imperial design, they are ideal to be worn with straight cut gowns. However, you can also pick buckled or brocade pieces.


6. Cone Heels

Heels with cone style will make you look wild chic. Also known as chunky heels, Cone heels are triangular in shape. It is wide and connects to the sole of a shoe, and contracts considerably to the point where it reaches the ground. This heel looks a lot like the shape of an ice-cream cone.

7. Comma Heels

Comma heels are a great hit to your overall appearance. They are totally chic and have an acceptable height. Now smart tip is to wear it with ruffled shirt & skinny denim to flaunt the unmatched pair.


These heel types come with different upper designs like stilettos, mules, peep toe, and many more. So now when you got all the heel types- which one you are going to buy for yourself?

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