Benefits of The Monophasic Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill

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Combination pills, a type of oral contraceptive pill, are very effective in preventing pregnancy in women. These are further divided into monophasic, biphasic, triphasic and multiphasic pills. Discussed below are benefits of monophasic pills.

In today’s society,Guest Posting most women prefer using contraceptive methods in order to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Until recently, condoms were the most commonly used form of contraception. However things changed with the introduction of hormonal contraceptive methods. Women now have a better control over their sex life and can plan pregnancy by themselves. The hormonal contraceptive methods have been proven to be very effective methods for the prevention of pregnancy. The hormonal contraceptive methods comprise oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive patches and contraceptive rings. Oral contraceptive methods have been the most popular of all three methods. However, recent research indicates that the other two methods are gaining popularity at a fast pace.

Oral contraceptive pills consist of synthetic female hormones with the help of which they prevent pregnancy in women. A contraceptive pill can be either a combination pill or a mini-pill. This division of pills is carried out based on the female hormones present in the pill. A combination pill consists of two synthetic female hormones – oestrogen and progestogen. A mini-pill consists of a single synthetic female hormone, progestogen. The combination pills are further separated into the categories of monophasic pills, biphasic pills, triphasic pills and multiphasic pills. This division of pills is carried out on the basis of dosages of the pill you are to take.

Combination pills are further separated into a monophasic pill, biphasic pill, triphasic pill and multiphasic pill. This separation is carried out on the basis of the dosages present in each pack of the pill. A monophasic pill is a pill which consists of equal dosages of oestrogen and progestogen in the pack. The Microgynon pill is one of the popular monophasic pills used by women. This pill is beneficial for women as it helps them with endometriosis and premenstrual tension. It also helps women who are suffering from heavy and painful periods. The Microgynon pill is often referred to women who are having heavy or painful periods.

The pill helps in making the menstrual cycle more bearable and comfortable. The Yasmin pill is the most popular combination pill used by women across the globe. It also falls under the category of monophasic pill, meaning you take the same amount of oestrogen and progestogen throughout the cycle. Yasmin pill is beneficial for women as, apart from preventing pregnancy, it helps women in treating acne and excessive hair growth, also termed as hirsutism. This pill helps in the general improvement of the appearance of your skin and hair. The Cilest pill is another popular combination pill which falls under the category of monophasic pill.

The Cilest pill, like Microgynon, also helps in alleviating menstrual problems experienced by women. Therefore, it is often prescribed to women who are experiencing heavy and painful periods. If the Cilest is taken on the very first day of your period, it can provide complete protection for all 28 days of your menstrual cycle. Biphasic pills, a type of combination pill, are pills which have same oestrogen dosage throughout the pack but two different dosages of progestogen are to be taken. In a triphasic pill, there are three progestogen dosages you are to take. And in a multiphasic pill, there are multiple progestogen dosages present.

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