Every Woman Needs to Know About These 11 Bra Styles

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Every bra style is designed for all women shapes but sometimes the style doesn't suites your breast shape perfectly. This is the reason we are discussing here types of bra styles. You can choose your favorite styles according to your body shape.

When your bra size is right,Guest Posting you look taller, your waist looks thinner and your clothes fit better. The right bra size may even relieve shoulder and back discomfort. Before buying a bra you should know about the bra styles. Not every bra style suites your breast shape as well as your outfit. And this article is for you to choose a perfect bra style which makes to look beautiful in your dress.

T-ShirtThis style forms to your unique shape and creates a smooth outline. With the perfect balance of comfort and support, this is one you can always rely on, no matter what you’re wearing.

PlungeThis style provides a natural lift for when you want it, while the fabric overlay eliminates cup overflow or gaping. Its deep v neckline and super-flattering cut make this a great style to choose for all your special outfit needs. Works well for most breast shapes, especially Asymmetric breasts.

BalconetteA balconette bra has a wider-set straps and a slightly shorter cup, which provides a natural lift and a flattering fit. This bra style won’t peek through the top of most low-cut shirts. Works well for most breast shapes.

NursingComplete with a wider front closure, our nursing bra is designed for new mothers without sacrificing style or fit. Made of super-soft cotton fabric to soothe the skin and easy-open cups for easy feeding and pumping. Works well for most breast shapes.

Perfect CoverageNarrow, foam-lined straps never slip or dig in, while hybrid memory foam cups provide softness inside and support outside. Works best for Bell Shape and East-West breasts.

WirelessHello, wireless bra. Wireless bras have contoured cups that provide lasting support and give you a perfectly smooth shape underneath any top. It's wideband also allows you to enjoy extra comfort and support. Works well for most breast shapes under E cup size.

StraplessStrapless bras offer a discreet look that works with every top and any style. If there’s one bra you should always have in your collection, it’s a strapless. Works well for most breast shapes.

Bralette BraBralettes Bras are meant to be seen, so they’re more likely to have ornate details, intricate straps, luxe lace, and other eye-catching accents. A typical bralette consists of two separate cups varying in coverage, padding, wires, straps, and closures.

Bras are typically meant for functional wear and support. Bralettes are often worn for style and comfort. Most bralettes are wire-free and lightly padded. They provide a light layer of coverage and are a comfortable alternative option to bras.

Lounge BraA lounge bra is more likely to have lined or lightly padded cups, as well as potentially separated cups, than a bralette. While most lounge bras are wire-free, you’ll find more of them with underwire than you will bralettes. Since lounge bras are meant for lounging around, they’ll probably simplistic in their design.

Push-upPush-up bras basically push your breasts upwards and closer together to naturally enhance cleavage. The padding on the inside of the cups is made of silicone gel or foam to lift up the breast tissue and visibly increase volume.

Sport BrasA sports bra is a bra that provides support to breasts during physical exercise. Sturdier than typical bras, they minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments.

If you are still unable to find your perfect bra style, you can go through Huluny's Bra Fitting Quiz to find your custom fit bras.

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