Flat Iron for Short Hair

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Flat irons come in many shapes and sizes, but since you’re interested in knowing what a flat iron for short hair needs here’s what you should look for to tame your locks:

Choose a slim plate: Short hair is much easier to straighten and style with a slim flat iron since you’ll be able to maneuver it swiftly. Wide plates are designed for girls with thick and curly hair,Guest Posting but even if you have short curly locks the fact that it’s above shoulder length means that you need a flat iron ranging from ¾ of an inch to 1 ½ inches. Most find that the standard 1 inch used in most flat irons is a perfect size for quick and easy straightening while still being able to create other styles for a different look. Travel irons are especially popular amongst short haired gals as these compact irons have slim plates which are ideal for short hair. Plus, they’re extremely light and easy to carry around in your bag while out on the road.

Prefer pure plates: Coated plates will never provide the quality that pure plates do, so try to invest once in a good flat iron with pure ceramic, tourmaline or titanium instead of spending more in the long run due to mediocre heating and bad results which are typical in coated plates. All three of these materials are good for short hair, but titanium is best for stubborn hair while tourmaline is ideal for frizzy or fragile hair.

Check for features: Never settle for a flat iron that doesn’t include a variable heat temperature since the shorter your hair the closer the hot iron will be to your scalp, and the last thing you want is a flat iron that gets too hot to handle. Another feature includes a swivel cord that lets you move around freely while you style and doesn’t get tangled up since it rotates when your iron does. Comfort and a light weight are also important when using a flat iron so don’t let these slide when purchasing your very own model.

Flat irons for short hair are easy to find and you can get the shape, size and design you want but you must always check for good functionality before taking any flat iron model home. This will ensure beautiful styles and healthy looking hair with every use which is what any girl wants, whether they have short hair or not.


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