Handmade Silver Bracelets for Contrast: Seeing Life in Black and White

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Silver bracelets in black and white.

The world is full of handmade silver bracelets festooned with colorful gemstones…so many gemstones,Guest Posting in fact, that it can be overwhelming. Who said seeing in black and white is limiting? We think it actually will simplify your wardrobe, without depriving you of an ounce of your natural elegance. Handmade silver bracelets with black or white gemstones are definitely the way to look simply elegant. Here’s how.

Handmade silver bracelets with pearls: A handmade silver bracelet with small, delicate links strung with pearls is about the most feminine thing you can wear. Pair it with a pearl choker and a little black dress and you’ll have all eyes trained on you.  The best thing about these white gems, though, is that they are not meant for elegant nights out only: pair a handmade silver bracelet with pearls with jeans, a white button-down shirt and a navy blue jacket or blazer, and you’ll feel as timelessly chic and stylish as you feel!

Handmade silver bracelets with white zircon: Zircons come in multiple hues, but the most deservedly familiar – and, we think the the most alluring – is the “white” zircon, which is, in fact, translucent. Sparkling white zircons look as fabulous as diamonds, but are far more affordable. A handmade silver bracelet with white zircons looks far more expensive than it is…but who needs to know? Just nod and smile when someone asks. You know your handmade silver bracelet with white zircons is never out of place, whether you’re out on the town or out to do the week’s food shopping. You don’t have to be rich to show off your rich taste when you wear a handmade silver bracelet with white zircons.

Handmade silver bracelets with onyx: It’s said black is beautiful – and to that we say, “Right On!” A handmade silver bracelet with one striking onyx, or a handmade silver bracelet with square onyx gemstones interspersed amongst its silver links, looks seriously smart. Paired with a little black dress, a stunning white cashmere jumper, or a crisp white t-shirt, a handmade silver bracelet with onyx creates a striking look.

Handmade silver bracelets with Swarovski black diamond crystal: Everyone knows of the famed, high-quality Swarovski crystal, but few have heard of Swarovski’s alluring “black diamond”. Well, it’s time to find out. Set in a handsome handmade silver bracelet, Swarovski black diamonds are bewitching. Whether inset into a handmade silver cuff bracelet or strung hither and thither along a trendy handmade silver link bracelet, Swarovski black diamond crystals will make you sparkle and shine.

Now, if you know us, you knew this was coming: Why not wear both? That is, a handmade silver bracelet with pearl or zircon, together with a handmade silver bracelet with onyx or Swarovski black diamond? That’s right - with one on each wrist, or several on the same wrist, you’ll create a stunning contrast in black and white that proves that “seeing in black and white” silver jewellery can be quite sophisticated…

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