How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

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If you want your makeup to last all day, there are a few simple tricks you can use when applying your makeup to ensure a flawless 24-hour finish. Keep reading to find out...

Regardless of whether we’re speaking about a typical working day or a day of a special event,Guest Posting we want our makeup to last all day. However, it usually gets smudged due to some external factors such as the heat, the choice of wrong products, or bad technique of applying it. In order to make our makeup last all day, there are a few steps we should follow to ensure it. First of all, prepping your skin is essential. You should exfoliate at least once a week, put on a mask every now and then as well as keep it moisturized at all times. Makeup can look good and last long only on a healthy and well-prepared surface. Next, you should go for a long-lasting primer, before using foundation. Picking out the right mascara and applying it correctly is also crucial as well as layering your makeup. Moreover, a waterproof eyeliner, a lipliner and pressed powder are all keys to long-lasting makeup. You should remember that you should always set your makeup with a setting spray and you should always have some blotting sheets on your hands. Take a look at some useful tips for makeup and skincare.


1.   Prep your skin

As already briefly mentioned in the introduction, prepping your skin is a crucial step, first in having smooth skin, and second, in having your makeup last long. If you don’t already have one, you should definitely develop a skincare routine. It should include micellar water for removing makeup and dirt from our skin, a cleanser for keeping it clean, an exfoliator, some masks and a face cream, being some basics. Choose natural products suitable for your skin to avoid potential irritation. Your skincare routine should be divided into morning and evening.

2.   Use a long-lasting primer

Next, when you have your skin all prepared and radiant, it’s time for makeup. Putting on makeup starts with a long-lasting primer. You should apply your moisturizer right before primer. It is advisable as it creates a barrier over the skin, thus allowing makeup to stay put and last longer. The role of the primer is to hide all the imperfections and enhance the appearance of pores. As for many other products, primer is also something you should choose specifically for your skin type.

3.   Pick the right mascara

Eyelashes are an important feminine feature and they make our eyes look completely different. However, finding the right mascara is not easy. If you have watery eyes, then definitely the recommendation is waterproof mascara at all times. Also, the same recommendation goes for makeup you want to last. Try some samples of your favourite brand until you find the right formula that works for you. Many women nowadays opt for lash extensions you can get at a beauty salon such as Lash Blossom. This is popular as it allows you to have beautiful lashes at all times, from the moment you wake up. The effects last up to three to four weeks when you need to get a correction. It decreases your getting-ready time.

4.   Choose a long-wearing foundation

The trick in finding the right foundation lies in opting for the one which is lightweight and yet enables full coverage. However, finding a suitable brand as well as the shade can be tedious as there are so many options out there. Experiment and try some samples to find the perfect one. It’s always good to try it out in natural light to see how it really looks. You need to apply only a little of a good foundation for a flawless look.

5.   Layer everything

In order to have your makeup last long, you should layer it carefully. Start with light layers and gradually build up. The same goes for applying concealer, eye makeup, or cheek products. For example, at moments when you need your makeup to last long, you should start with cream products and finish with powder. In that way, you secure your makeup in place. Layers are key for long-lasting makeup, have that in mind.

6.   Use pressed powder

Using pressed powder is recommended after putting on foundation. It’s a great way to ensure your makeup stays put. Opt for a finely milled formula and make sure that you apply it to oily areas. It’s usually the T zone for most women. The right pressed powder has the power to provide sheer coverage, to brighten your face and it never settles into fine lines. Also, not all pressed powders work for all skin types, so be smart about choosing them.

7.   Opt for a waterproof eyeliner

If you’re using an eyeliner, go for a waterproof one. It will ensure that it stays on your lids and that it doesn’t duplicate on your upper lids. There’s nothing worse than that. Getting a good eyeliner is essential for a cat-eye look. There are many types: gel, pencil, marker and liquid, so make sure that you try them out to find the right formula for you.

8.   Use a lip liner before lipstick

To make your pout both irresistible and long-lasting, you should start with putting a base on your lips and then filling them in with a lipliner. After that, use either regular or liquid lipstick. When choosing the lipstick, make sure that the shade goes well with your skin tone and that it’s not too drying. Use a lip brush for the best effects.

9.   Have blotting sheets at your hands

Blotting sheets can be a true lifesaver, so don’t forget to carry them with you at all times. Our makeup can get all cakey and it can end up looking heavy at some point during the day. So, in order to avoid that or to correct it, you should use blotting sheets to absorb the extra oil and moisture on your skin. It’s a great way to limit shininess. Paper towels or tissues can also be a good replacement if you don’t have blotting sheets at hand. Once you remove the extra oil from your skin, you should apply powder to set it once more.

10.   Finish your makeup with a setting spray

The last step in setting makeup is a setting spray. It is simply a must. Its main function is to lock in the makeup and all the products you have put on your face. It is a proven way to keep makeup looking fresh throughout the whole day. Don’t ever skip it, especially in hot weather.


With these simple and useful makeup tips, your makeup is bound to stay put and last longer, giving you a glowing, radiant and fresh appearance.




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