How you can strengthen your weak immune system

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Whether you are sleeping, exercising, working or just relaxing, the human immune system works twenty four hours a day, protecting your body against various microorganism or foreign elements. The only time you pay attention to it is when it fails to function subsequently.

Vulnerability to infections and sicknesses can be prominent when you have a weak immune system. When the defence mechanism of your body is unable to protect,Guest Posting prevent or battle against harmful foreign elements which enter your body, you tend to fall ill frequently.

Why you need to be persistent to build up your immune system

A compromised immune system can be detected when you experience chronic infections, frequent colds, cough, flu, sore throat, genital herpes or skin disease. When you are born, your body is well equipped with a defence system that keeps you safe from hazardous pathogens. But still, as a preventive measure you are inoculated with immunity vaccines, which supposedly do not live up to their expectations because of various unforeseen reasons.The only solution to remain healthy is by strengthening your immune system persistently.


The human immune system is designed specifically to defend your body against viruses, bacteria, toxins, fungi, microbes and parasites. Dysfunctional or weak immune system symptoms include inflammation, fatigue, allergic reactions, chronic diarrhea, inability to heal fast, festering wounds, yeast or fungal infections and dark circles around the eyes. You can avoid these drastic changes in your life by adapting a healthy lifestyle. There are some low immunity factors which cannot be easily changed such as ageing, hereditary or genes.

  Here are a few proven factors that cause your immune system to weaken:
  • Malnourished Diet
  • If your body is not well nourished it might lead to low immunity. Consuming the right type of foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, in a balanced way, can guarantee a healthy body and a strong immune system. Proper functioning of your vital body organs and increase in energy level is ensured through food nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to a weak immune system, chronic infections, fast ageing process and various diseases. The immune cells of your body are strengthened when they are well fed with mineral and vitamins.

  • Toxic Wastes
  • Your body has a natural means of releasing toxins from your body. It could be through the help of skin pores, kidneys, liver, small intestine, stomach, etc. As long as the toxins are eliminated from your body, you can enjoy a healthy immune system. Excessive accumulation of toxins in the body can result due to congested or dysfunctional eliminating outlets or by being exposed to unhealthy surroundings. Amassed toxic waste intimidates your immune system, makes the body acidic and encourages diseases to spread. Drinking plenty of water can flush out the toxins and refresh the immune system mechanism. Well hydrated body not only strengthens your immune system but keeps allergies, pain, arthritis and other ailments at bay for men and women.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle

    Inactivity and lack of exercising can lead to obesity or sluggishness. The multiplying ability of the white blood cells decreases tremendously, hence the infection or the germs are not attacked instantly. Sluggishness also deteriorates the detoxification process of your body, giving you a weak immune system. This also affects the blood circulation in your body, thus antibodies flowing along with the blood are not able to respond to infections quickly. Moderate exercise and keeping yourself physically active, can build up a sturdy immune system.

  • Stress and Fatigue
  • The immune system is adversely affected by stress and stress related situations. Stress can weaken your immune system severely and hence you need to work towards relaxing your mind and body. There are various ways that can help you release your stress and anxiety. Yoga, meditation, massages, sleeping can help you to reduce stress and tension. Sleeping renews and repairs the immune cells functioning.

Other important factors which lead to a weak immune system

There are many other factors which weaken your immune system such as sugar, antibiotics, alcohol consumption, tobacco, personal hygiene, etc. Sugar has been stated to reduce the functionality of white blood cells up to 50%. Eliminating foods containing high quantity of sugars can help you toughen your immune system. Hygiene is an important aspect of a strong immune system because germs are usually transported to your body through unhygienic habits. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco subdues the killer cell activities, thus suppressing the immune system functioning. You can order natural immune supplements which can help you fight infections and keep you healthy.

In order to strengthen your weak immune system, you must change your dietary habits, exercise and lead a happy relaxed life.

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