Nantosuelta Gallic Protective Goddess

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... River". A Gallic ... goddess and goddess of water. Among the ... of Alsace she is often ... holding a model of a house, ... a domestic ... Nantos

Nantosuelta"Winding River". A Gallic protective goddess and goddess of water. Among the Mediomatrici of Alsace she is often portrayed holding a model of a house,Guest Posting indicating a domestic function.

Nantosuelta was the consort of Sucellos, the God of Agriculture. Her name means ' Winding River' though her attributes do not show her as a water-deity. Chief amongst these is her little house, usually depicted on a long pole like a sceptre of some kind. Other associated objects include a bird, a bee-hive and honeycombs. The latter certainly have homely connotations and she therefore appears to have been a goddess of hearth and house, well-being and prosperity. Like her husband, she also had nourishment and fertility aspects and sometimes carried a cornucopia. In Britain, she is probably to be found depicted on a small stone from East Stoke in Nottinghamshire. Her partner is clearly Sucellus. The goddess shown has bushy hair and carries a bowlful of apples. She is often shown with a Raven. She is associated with ravens, and may be connected with the Morrigan

Catholic: First appearance of "The White Lady" to Bernadette at Lourdes, France. The site was long sacred to Persephone/Proserpina in Roman Gaul.
One of the great Osiris festival cycles in the ancient Egyptian calendar, celebrated especially at the main center of Osiris worship in Abydos (2/11) and at Busiris, the ancient holy city of the Nile delta. The principal ceremony performed on the last of these three days was a dawn ritual of opening the doors of the horizon, and thereby reaffirming the precision of the divine order operating between Sun and Earth. (Month of Pamenot, days 28 - 30). The Pharaonic melody for this feast, as preserved in music of the Coptic church, has been found by Dr. Maged Samueel in Cairo.

Nantosuelta; Breton name is Nataseulta
Health; Miracles; Providence; Abundance; Home and Hearth
Celtic/Continental She is a water goddess as river goddess, or water nymphs. She is associated with Spring Water; Cornucopia ,Associated Element: Water.

Associated Color: Blue;
Area of Magick: Fertility spells; Harvest; water magick; Protection; Home and Hearth; new beginnings
About Nantosuelta: Her name means "of the winding stream". She helps to cleanse our mind body and spirit. In art, she is portrayed carrying a corncupia and holding the model of a house, giving her magickal correspondences of protection and home and hearth. According to some experts, her consort was Sucellos who was portrayed as a river god.

To Honor the Goddess: To honor Nantosuelta cleanse your body inside and out with water. Water also symbolizes emotions so let go of all negative emotions. Imagine them floating away down a river. See any disease being washed away by the goddess who is a water goddess.
Since she is a goddess of health and home see her filling your home
with positive emotion.

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