The Power of Humility

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Humility is not humilation it is having the courage to admit you are wrong promptly and accept your humaness

Until I understood humility knew it you know only what you have experienced I thought it connotated humiliation and embarrassment. However,Guest Posting I have been working with some Wayne Dyer material and I have now learned another definition of humility. I now know humility. The best description I can give you is transcending the ego and detaching from self. If one truly has humility one is not at risk of embarrassment or humiliation.

When I first tried to be humble I said, "You mean I have to stop having things my way?" "I have to stop trying to be right even if I am right?" that is going to be tough. That is going to mean I am going to have to keep my abilities and accomplishment in perspective. I am going to have to be modest. I think I already had some of these traits as I have for a long time now valued diversity in people and their opinions. I valued all things both human and non-human. I was really ready to take a honest self examination of self and when I was wrong promptly admit it. I think true humility takes credit for assets and well as attributes we

would just as soon not have. The heart of humility is a heart that esteems others greater than itself. It serves others, it submits, and it desires Humility is the first virtue in spiritual life. It is the vanguard that protects virtues and talents. Every virtue that is not accompanied by humility is likely to be snatched away by the vain glory, and destroyed by conceit, boastfulness and self-admiration. Humility takes courage. The courage to take action and assert an authentic identity and take action, to do things that might fail. To assert oneself in the presence of fear, without courage we yield to fear, avoid risk and are unfulfilled. Humility is the flip side of courage it is the ability to step back and let go of an identity and say this isn't working. It takes humility to say I am not making it in this business. However, it has been a truly good learning experience.

Some people look at humility as a weakness. The opposite is true one who is truly humble has power. Humility helps us to accept our limitations and our humanity. It makes room for the Higher Power in our lives. If one is on a spiritual path it is essential. It allows us to admit when we are wrong, to apologize. Arrogance and Pride are fuel for the ego. Humility is a potent antidote and spiritual ally. Humility gives us the power of spirit where ego leaves no room for the Higher Power.

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