Plantable Seed Cards: Here's a Small Favor That Hits it Big With Guests

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Plantable favors made a splash when they started. But now they're growing ever more popular as eco-awareness and weddings have started to stroll hand-in-hand.

Plantable favors made a splash when they started. But now they're growing ever more popular as eco-awareness and weddings have started to stroll hand-in-hand.

The Green Revolution's led to a bevy of bride-pleasing "green" favors. But plantable seed favors,Guest Posting crafted from recycled paper and embedded with easy-grow wildflower seeds, lead the pack for several great reasons.

1) They're Portable and Fuss-Free.  Brides wanting to gift their guests with "something green" have turned to favors ranging from bamboo stalks and tulip bulbs to tree seedlings in a box. Thoughtful as they are, these items require some care and skill from both gifter and guest. On the other hand, plantable wedding favors can just rest in a drawer until showtime.

2) They're the Fairest of Them All.  Plantable favors come in an awesome array of shapes and colors, themes and styles. Why? Because the more brides want plantable favors, the more variety and styles designers are able to give them.

With beta versions, your choices were pretty much cream-colored paper cut into hearts or flowers, but now plantable favors come in highly personal designs that suit every kind of weddings, from the rustic and earthy to the sleek and modern. Plus, they come at a super-affordable price point -- so much so that you can tuck them into save-the-dates or invites, and get your guests in the blooming mood a little early!

3) They're Foolproof in the Garden. Black thumbs rejoice! Is your touch so deadly that you've killed even spider plants or cacti? Not to worry -- even you can find bliss with today's plantable favors. For one, the directions are simplicity itself: place in soil, water, and forget (that's the part we're all good at). Then, enjoy the surprise. People are curious to see what comes up, but by the time it does, we've all moved on to car repairs or bottle feeding dramas. Then voila! Unexpected flowers!

But, let's go straight to the tough question: do people really plant these? You bet they do. One sweet aunt and perpetual gardener told us she has a special plot reserved just for plantable favors received at weddings. Could there be a more romantic corner in any garden?

Truth be told, Queen Victoria started a similar trend with ivy, back in the day. Thanks to her, it was all the rage to tuck a sprig into your bouquet, which you could plant at home after the wedding. Then, when she came of age, your daughter could use a clipping from that very same ivy in her bouquet, and plant it again. Pretty romantic, these floral traditions, no?


As brides strive to "green up" their weddings every way possible, plantable favors are one of the simplest, most charming ways to meet those goals. And while plantable favors run the gamut from bamboo to baby trees, it's the seed paper favors that are easiest to store, plant and care for (as lovely as the idea is, not many people have room in their yards for an unexpected tree)!

What's more, seed favors can double as placecards or save-the-date inserts, and offer by far the most style options -- ones that will fit your own wedding like a garden glove. So celebrate the spring and summer months ahead with the perfect guest gift: plantable seed favors!


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