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Remy hair is the original hair of humans with its covering of cuticle integral and the hair is managed with the cuticle facing in the similar direction.

Remy hair is the original hair of humans having its layer of cuticle integral and the hair is shaped with the cuticle at the same direction. Hece this category of hair is considered to be the highest standard in hair extensions. And hence it is the most preferred in the world of trends.

Amongst Remy hair wigs,Guest Posting Indian Remy hair is considered to be the loveliest and it has to be preserved well so as to make them look lovely every time. And to do this, some routines have to be followed regularly.


In the first place, you should regularly be alert about that your Remy hair is thoroughly clean. Wash it 2 or 3 times a week with the help of a soft shampoo which needs to be essentially natural. Remember to wash the Remy hair using cold water because temperate water can damage the cover of cuticle. Cover of cuticle is vital element of Remy hair and it is because of this covering, that the hair appears lustrous and amazing. Cold water advantageous also in maintaining the look of your hair.

At the time of washing with water, be cautious of rinsing all the lather from the hair. It is every time ideal to wash again after you consider that they are absolutely washed.


After rinsing you have to condition your Remy hair same like you condition your natural hair. For this too you better make use of a conditioner containing natural ingredients. Use the conditioner on all threads of hair. Don’t forget not to apply the conditioner over the hair above 10 minutes. Next clean out the conditioner totally again ascertaining about complete removal.

Deep conditioning

Following the cleaning as well as conditioning processes, you need to now do deep conditioning of the hair. For this purpose, apply coconut milk to it. It is protein rich and so protects your Remy hair from becoming dry or limp and from breaking off. You need to adopt this deep conditioning program once in seven days at any cost.

Products to Provide Appearance

Once the hair is dried, you are at liberty go use a number of products on it. If you desire to give a curl to your Remy hair you can use gels, but you must not keep the gel in hair for a long time. Yet another vital product that can be used is oil. Olive oil is the most ideal for Remy hair because it protects the hair from getting impaired. You must spray the oil over the hair so as to continue their structure and strength.

Routine Activities

For preventing your Indian Remy hair from tangling and twisting, comb them each morning. While combing, begin from the root and take the comb straight to the tip. You can shield your Remy hair or let them stay open at night while sleeping. Simply keep in mind not to lie down when the hair is moist, otherwise it will stick together when you wake up in the morning.

Swimming while Wearing Remy Hair

Several females are scared of swimming while putting on the Remy hair. However there is no hurdle to swim. It is better if you tie the hair in braids prior to diving into pool. Remember to undergo the washing and conditioning routine following swimming so as to maintain the splendor of the hair.

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