Sedu hair straightener and other hair straightening methods

Mar 31


Paton Jackson

Paton Jackson

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Do you want to get your hair flat and smooth? are you confused with all the hair straightening methods ? Let us help you

There is no doubt that flat straight smooth hair is the fashionable hair style. But what can all the poor women with curly hair do? Well,Sedu hair straightener and other hair straightening methods Articles the variety of hair straighteners in the market is growing every day. But, one can define a few group of hair straightening methods. The groups can be distinguished by the technology used and the types of products used by the end customer to make her hair straight:

1. Wet to dry-A new not yet popular product is the wet to dry flat hair iron. It is actually a joining of a hair iron and a hair dryer, and that is it's biggest advantage-It straightens the hair and dries it simultaneously. It saves a lot of time compared to other hair straightening methods.

2. Thermal reconditioning-This permanent hair straightening method will show it's outcome only after at least 6 months. However, it's chemical components usually show fine results. Honestly, we do not advise to use this method as your first hair straightening method.

3. IHR-Probably the most advanced hair straightening method, the ion hair retexturising invented in Japan is getting more and more popular in the past couple of years. It's technology is not so simple. Basically, it is based on the penetration of ions into the follicle of each hair and changing it's formation. This treatment takes a long time, done only on hair salons but has good and lasting results.

4. Blow outs-Perhaps the most common hair straightening method in the 20th century. The action is simple: just pulling a brash over a hairs and using hot hair to dry it. It takes time and you will never be able to get your hair really flat. You should also be careful with the affects the hot hair can have on your hair holding the dryer too close to your hair.

5. Hair iron-The flat hair iron is the most popular hair straightening method in the past couple of years. It is made up of two metal or ceramic plates and by pulling it through your hair any woman can get a great look in no time. However, The heat may damage your hair using it too often. Our research found out that sedu hair iron is the best hair straightening method. It uses the most advanced technology like temperature control and ceramic plates.